Good Food, Good Health- St. Patrick’s Day Dishes

Do you want to enjoy the food and festivities but are afraid of packin’ on a few extra celebratory pounds?

Try these healthier versions of these St. Patrick’s Day traditional dishes.


Green foods are all-around amazing additions to your diet.  Did you know most of them are associated with lowering your risk of cancer, some help reduce aging, most have low glycemic index values which are associated with better blood sugar control, and they are found to protect your heart?  The positive qualities of greens are […]

Sláinte mhaith- “Good Health”

CHEERS TO GOOD HEALTH! Ahh, nothing like a little Sláinte to remind you of what’s important- Good Health and the opportunity to Live Life!  On March 17th,  raise your glass and toast your friends with a few of these traditional phrases (from May your fire be as warm as the weather is cold. Health and […]