Rethink Success

A heat wave has hit the south, and it’s been melting pounds for our Skinny Gene members in Texas and Southern California.  Proving they know how to achieve summertime success, 10 of our members have lost a total of 182 pounds – of which all but 42 were shed within the last 90 days.  More […]

Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin or not?

Vitamin D should be at the top of our list of easiest vitamins to achieve our needs!  Vitamin D is unusual in the since that you can get it from the sun as well as food.  But why are 70% of our kids not meeting their needs? Oh, And adults aren’t too far behind! The benefits […]

Summertime Drinks that Won’t Bust Your Diet or Your Waistline

Summertime brings on a “fun vacation” type feeling that involves many get togethers, trips, and the goal of achieving the ultimate relaxation.  Sitting by the pool enjoying a fruity drink with an umbrella seems like a great idea, but don’t forget about the 500 plus calories, with the majority coming from dare I say it, […]