New Year’s Resolutions, Not Just For January Anymore

Try the month to month resolutions challenge, to achieve a healthier weight and lifestyle for 2011!  Here are some ideas that will help rev up your metabolism one month at a time!  Once you have mastered the monthly resolution, you must continue with it and then add the next month’s lifestyle improvement to maximize your […]


Would you make a New Year’s Resolution if you knew you’d be able to keep it? Whether you call it a New Year’s resolution or just happened – sometime early January- to make the decision to make a few changes in 2011, we’re going to give you a few solutions for your resolution. What’s your […]

Setting Attainable Resolutions

We’ve said it year after year “starting January 1st, I will lose weight”.  More times than not, it does not play out this way.  We often fall off the wagon due to frustration, being side tracked, or loss of our motivation somewhere between January 7th and 21st.  But why does this happen to us when […]