California is facing a diabetic crisis, with 55% of adults and 23% of teens having type 2 diabetes or prediabetes. The problem is growing, with 1.9 million Californians expected to be diagnosed with diabetes in the next 5 years – along with an expected 15 billion extra healthcare costs. Last week, however, California took huge […]

Frieda – Spotlight Story

     The DPP (Diabetes Prevention Program) that we offer at Skinny Gene has a couple of main goals, among them being that the participants lead a healthy lifestyle that allows them to prevent type 2 diabetes. One of the key benchmarks to this success is the 5% rule – if you lose 5% of […]

Coconut Oil

As far as food fads go, the past couple of years have stuffed us full, with healthy trends such as acai bowls and avocado toast having massive surges in popularity. One of the most popular food fads that is gaining traction today is coconut oil, either as a cosmetic product or as a dietary supplement. […]

Sugar in your Cupboard

Gazing into my cupboard today I was overwhelmed. I am specifically looking to rid my pantry and refrigerator of excess sugar. The natural sugar, like the raisins in my cereal can stay. The bag of “yogurt” covered pretzels, I’m not so sure about. This is where I need think about the difference between naturally occurring […]