Scary Candy Choices, a Guide to a Better Choice

By Eileen Ferrer, Skinny Gene Nutritionist Do you have a sweet tooth?  From time to time, I need my candy fix.  My weakness is taffy or anything chocolate.  Typically, I do not give into temptation; however, this is the time of orange and black, not to be mistaken with “Orange is the New Black,” but […]

Oh Nuts!! Successfully going peanut-free

Birthday parties, school lunches, playdate…now a days, there are so many reasons go peanut free. Peanut allergy, and peanut-free zones, are becoming more common, but finding peanut-free foods might be harder than you think. Here are some tips and resources to help no nut zones, peanut free.

What Type of Milk is Right For You?

We all know that milk does a body good, but what milk is right for you? From dairy to non-dairy, there are a variety of ways to fill your glass with the nutrients needed for a healthy body. The question is, what type of milk is right for you?

Which is better? Comparing Salad Greens

By Eileen Ferrer, Skinny Gene Nutritionist I enjoy a good salad, but some beg to differ because they’re leaves. Leaves are delicious! Green leafy vegetables are excellent sources of vitamin A, C, K and folate. If you want to make a salad the options are endless, and the flavor contributions with different leafy greens can […]

Benefits of Chocolate

Chocolate is not the enemy! In fact, eating an ounce of chocolate a few times a week could be just what your body needs. See how indulging in our chocolate craving could be great for your health.

Goal Setting for Success

By Eileen Ferrer, Skinny Gene Nutritionist Once I learned the definition of success, I knew I needed that in my life. To be successful is a goal I set for myself early on. For some, success can be measured in terms of awards, education or wealth. If I were to measure my success in wealth, […]

Naughty Foods On Our Nice List

By Eileen Ferrer, Skinny Gene Nutritionist All year long, you have been eating for your health. You have included more fruits and vegetables and cooked your own meals. But did the food you ate belong on the naughty or nice list? If you have been eating well all year, chances are your meal and snack […]

Fighting Diabetes- A Family Journey

By Eileen Ferrer, Skinny Gene Nutritionist There may be at least one person you know with diabetes.  I know a few.  But it really hits close to home when it is a family member who has it or some form of it. Honestly, a few years ago I was not concerned with diabetes, nor concerned […]

Perks of Eating Pumpkin

  By Eileen Ferrer, Skinny Gene Nutritionist The golden leaves are falling, and cool breezes fill the night air, it is finally sweater weather; it’s fall.  In my case, I know fall has arrived when comments and pictures start filling my newsfeed on any social media site with what seems to be the most popular […]

Art of Snacking

Art has no boundaries and exists in many forms.  Art can be three dimensional objects, a song or a doodle on a meeting agenda.  Actions can be art forms as well.  I have many friends who would consider themselves masters at the art of bargain shopping.  But there is one action they have not mastered, […]

6 Habits of Healthy People

By Eileen Ferrer, Skinny Gene Nutritionist It’s the time to get healthy!  This year just flew by, and with less than four months left of 2014, why wait for the New Year to reconnect with that infamous New Year’s resolution?  Being healthy is easy, but it is with planning and maintenance that many people experience some […]

How to Buy Organic Without Breaking Your Budget

By Eileen Ferrer, Skinny Gene Nutritionist To buy organic or not to buy organic: that is the question.  It is safe to assume that Shakespeare never had to ask this question himself; however, it is a question we may ask ourselves.  For various reason we prefer to buy organic, such as for health by reducing […]

Try This, Not That: Condiments

By Eileen Ferrer, Skinny Gene Nutritionist Condiments are a food’s best friend. Ketchup and French fries, a soft warm pretzel dipped in deli mustard, or even ranch drizzled over cold pizza. Although that last one is a favorite of mine, low-fat ranch with veggies is a better and healthier alternative. There is a vast array of condiments […]

Gaining Your Independence From Food

By Eileen Ferrer, Skinny Gene Nutritionist When we lose control, it sometimes feels like reality can be lost in the distance.  Almost like being stuck in a balloon drifting away, seeing everything get smaller and smaller.  But losing control is only temporary, and that is something to keep in mind.  We learn and move on from […]

Independence Day Colored Superfoods

By Eileen Ferrer, Skinny Gene Nutritionist When I imagine a superfood, I think of a piece of bright green broccoli with a flowing white cape, flying in the air looking for junk food bad guys.   However, I have a huge imagination, and I may take the word a little too literal.  But this term […]

Belly Fat Burning Tips for the Summer

By Eileen Ferrer, Skinny Gene Nutritionist Are you bathing suit ready? That’s the question I ask myself at the start of every summer, and of course, I rarely say yes.  That’s because I do admit to having a little “muffin top,” which is a nice way of saying I have belly fat.  It is a […]

10 Healthy Snacks for Super Busy Moms

By Eileen Ferrer, Skinny Gene Nutritionist We all have those days when we feel like there is not enough time in the day to fit in everything.  For all the very active supermoms out there, busy seems like an understatement.  The days can be filled with taking the kids to school, going to work and/or […]