Just Say No to Yo-Yo Dieting

With bathing suit season just around the corner, it is becoming more and more tempting to avoid the warnings and turn to quick weight loss, yo-yo dieting as a last ditch attempt to lose the extra weight before summer. The problem is yo-yo,  fad diets that promise quick results can create short-term weight loss, followed […]

Yo-Yo Dieting

We are posting a variety of articles that discuss the pros and cons of  yo-yo dieting. The other articles can be found here. Here’s a great article that we wanted to share with you, because it talks about the health implications of yo-yo dieting, specifically how it can affect your metabolism. Yo-yo Dieting Written by Lisa Mondello The […]

Yo-yo dieting not so bad for future weight loss after all?

We are posting a variety of articles that discuss the pros and cons of  yo-yo dieting. The other articles can be found here. Most of these articles discourage yo-yo dieting, because of the health and mental implications of constantly gaining and losing weight.  At first glance, this article may appear to encourage yo-yo dieting, but […]

Stopping the Yo-Yo and Starting Healthy Habits

Have you noticed a pattern?

You’ll spend a couple of weeks eating clean, exercising and losing weight, but then the pendulum swings and you spend the next week or two indulging in your old unhealthy habits.

After too many days where you’re not feeling so good, you’ll get back to your clean habits, and so the yo-yo goes.

It’s time to stop this vicious cycle that never brings you all the way to your goal – keeping you comfortable enough, yet frustrated.

The good news is that your yo-yo days could be quickly and permanently turned off with this simple mindset change.