What Type of Milk is Right For You?

We all know that milk does a body good, but what milk is right for you? From dairy to non-dairy, there are a variety of ways to fill your glass with the nutrients needed for a healthy body. The question is, what type of milk is right for you?

Good Greens That Benefit Every Body

Pin It By Emily Barr, MS,RD,CNSC    Green represents a lot of terrific things, like “being green” is good for the environment and “making the green” is good for your wallet.  And if you like Saint Patty’s day, you will be sporting some green attire for good luck.  What about eating your greens?  You never felt […]

Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin or not?

Vitamin D should be at the top of our list of easiest vitamins to achieve our needs!  Vitamin D is unusual in the since that you can get it from the sun as well as food.  But why are 70% of our kids not meeting their needs? Oh, And adults aren’t too far behind! The benefits […]

Different ages, different requirement to be healthy!

Each person is at a different phase in life, and requires his/her own special dietary attention. So how do you keep up the with balance nutrition for different age groups, and keep a healthy home? Good question. I’d say plant your family tree and watch it grow! That is with the right nutrition!


Green foods are all-around amazing additions to your diet.  Did you know most of them are associated with lowering your risk of cancer, some help reduce aging, most have low glycemic index values which are associated with better blood sugar control, and they are found to protect your heart?  The positive qualities of greens are […]