5 Love Languages For A Healthy Heart

“I love you with all my heart” one term of endearment you may hear or say this Valentine’s Day.  But how healthy is your heart?   Are you doing all you can to keep your heart beating strong for your loved ones?  This Valentine’s Day show your love to your heart by speaking these five “love […]

Lumps of Coal vs Sugar Plum Fairies- The Reason For Making Healthy Changes this Season

What’s on your Christmas list this year?  What if I told you, you can choose between sugar plum fairies or a lump of coal?  Seems like an obvious answer, but somehow, the decision is not that easy.  Let me explain my thinking. So…day in and day out, as a health care provider, I have the […]

Show Your Heart Some LOVE!!

We, the Skinny Gene Project, want to help you improve the health of your heart! A recent study shows that having prediabetes more than doubles your risk of death due to a heart attack, so love your heart. In honor of American Heart Month, we are sharing 28 things you should do to improve the health of your heart.