Sugar in your Cupboard

Gazing into my cupboard today I was overwhelmed. I am specifically looking to rid my pantry and refrigerator of excess sugar. The natural sugar, like the raisins in my cereal can stay. The bag of “yogurt” covered pretzels, I’m not so sure about. This is where I need think about the difference between naturally occurring […]

Juice-y Secrets

Babies diets consist of very few constituents; they are mostly understood as healthy doses of fruit mush along with either milk or formula. One of the most common elements in a babies’ diet is fruit juice, and although it has been understood as a staple in the infantile food pyramid, some doctors say that it is not as […]

Sweet Solutions: Healthy, Natural Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

By Rennie Aranda – Skinny Gene Nutritionist Eating your favorite dessert can be a bittersweet moment as you try to enjoy the rich, decadent flavors while not trying to think about what the next bite is going to do to your waistline.  While foods and drinks with added sugar taste good, they can negatively impact […]

Sugar-minded: Fructose vs Glucose

Reviewed and Approved by:Emily Barr, MS,RD,CNSC   There have been  a lot of articles circulating around lately about how fructose and glucose affect hunger, and honestly I think it is causing a lot of confusion.  Unfortunately, many of the articles tell only 1 side of the story, leaving us ( the reader) confused about how […]

10 Diabetes Diet Myths

Diabetes is one of the most misunderstood diseases around, and if we hope to fight it, we have to find a way to start dispelling many of the common myths out there, especially about the “diabetes diet”. Please take a minute to read through these top 10 Diabetes Diet Myths. Have you heard or been mislead by any of these? 10 Diabetes Diet Myths “Diabetes diet.” Simply hearing these words may be enough to make you feel overwhelmed or frustrated. Perhaps you have said, or heard someone else express, one of these thoughts: Eating […]

Sugar Aliases

Sugar, cane juice, corn syrup, dextrose, confectioners sugar, fructose, brown sugar, glucose, high fructose corn syrup, lactose, molasses, maltose, sucrose, and syrup….the list goes on and on!  Sugar has so many names, which causes so much confusion.  How are we supposed to make healthy choices when sugar has multiple aliases out to lead us astray […]

Summertime Drinks that Won’t Bust Your Diet or Your Waistline

Summertime brings on a “fun vacation” type feeling that involves many get togethers, trips, and the goal of achieving the ultimate relaxation.  Sitting by the pool enjoying a fruity drink with an umbrella seems like a great idea, but don’t forget about the 500 plus calories, with the majority coming from dare I say it, […]