4 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

By Rennie Aranda, Skinny Gene Nutritionist Welcome 2014! A new year to start over and commit to resolutions to work on throughout the year (or pick up on last year’s resolutions). Every year when the clock strikes midnight, people are determined that this will be the year they shape up, eat better, save more money, […]

Make Sure Your Fitness Plan Is Smart

By Maria Crompton, a fitness guru and personal trainer with Fit for Life in San Diego, California. If you’re reading this, you know how important exercise is. However, there are right ways to exercise and there are wrong ways. In order to get the greatest benefit from your workout and prevent possible injury, you’ve got to do it […]

10 Diet and Fitness Myths That Pack On Pounds

This is a great article we found from Prevention By Diana Kelley Don’t let one of these rumors prevent you from reaching your weight loss goals Sorry, Journey, but it’s finally time to stop believing. In weight loss myths at least. Believing popular misconceptions can keep you from taking the right course of action to reach your […]

Boost Your Metabolism Series- Water

We are providing a 10-part series on our TOP 10 FOODS TO BOOST YOUR METABOLISM.  This is the 2nd post. To learn more about the Boost Your Metabolism series, please click here! BOOST YOUR METABOLISM  The secret to boosting your metabolism is FEEDING your body what it needs.   You must eat the right foods, in the right […]

Summertime Drinks that Won’t Bust Your Diet or Your Waistline

Summertime brings on a “fun vacation” type feeling that involves many get togethers, trips, and the goal of achieving the ultimate relaxation.  Sitting by the pool enjoying a fruity drink with an umbrella seems like a great idea, but don’t forget about the 500 plus calories, with the majority coming from dare I say it, […]