1st Skinny Gene-i-versary: Gaining My Freedom

As we all know, in July we celebrate Independence Day.  For many of us that means fireworks, family, and food.  But for Lisa, July 4th, 2013 was a celebration of an independence day, unlike none other, because it marks the 1 year anniversary of the day she joined the Skinny Gene Project and chose to finally […]

My Skinny Gene Story: Taking Control of ME

Lisa B. has been a part of our Skinny Gene Family for almost 5 months. She would like to share her Skinny Gene Story, and how she was able to free herself from her food addiction, regain control, and ultimately begin to  love and respect the person within. We are very proud of Lisa. If […]

Boost Your Metabolism Series- Water

We are providing a 10-part series on our TOP 10 FOODS TO BOOST YOUR METABOLISM.  This is the 2nd post. To learn more about the Boost Your Metabolism series, please click here! BOOST YOUR METABOLISM  The secret to boosting your metabolism is FEEDING your body what it needs.   You must eat the right foods, in the right […]

Boost Your Metabolism

Metabolism – the thing that most of us take for granted until we reach our 30’s, then we start noticing that the food we’re eating is lingering a little longer on our butts, hips and thighs. Gone are the days that you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want. Adding to the frustration is […]

How Did You Do It?

Have you ever had a friend that successfully lost weight, and asked them “so, how did you do it?”  Many Skinny Gene members who have been successful in weight loss for better health and diabetes prevention have been presented with the same question from their family and friends.  How did you lose it and keep […]

Power of 10

  Quick!  What’s your first reaction to these 3 words…Just 10 pounds? It’s interesting. These 3 words can evoke a different response from different people depending on their past experiences and how they view their future.  Discouraged: A person who has 50 or more pounds to lose might not be able to see the significance in losing […]

SA Update:Alice’s Healthy Home

By Nancy Juarez, Skinny Gene Bilingual Nutritionist During  the course of our lives, we go through many stages, whether it is childhood, adolescence, or the transition to becoming an adult. But there is one thing that NEVER changes – the love and support from our FAMILY. Over these last several weeks, I have encountered different ways […]

Top 10 Ways to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

By Guest Blogger: Lindsay Martin For some people the most difficult part of losing weight is staying motivated and to keep persevering when you just want to give up.  Here are some tips and tools to help you stay motivated.  1)      Remind yourself that you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want OR you […]

Rethink Success

A heat wave has hit the south, and it’s been melting pounds for our Skinny Gene members in Texas and Southern California.  Proving they know how to achieve summertime success, 10 of our members have lost a total of 182 pounds – of which all but 42 were shed within the last 90 days.  More […]