The Whole Deal With Whole Grains

By Adriana Arredondo– Skinny Gene Nutrition Team When we turn on the TV or open up a magazine we are bombarded with different ads for food. Most of these foods are advertised as being healthy with words such as “low fat” or “high fiber.” As a consumer, it can be so overwhelming! One of the new trends has […]

Diabetes Prevention: 5 Tips for Taking Control

The MayoClinic posted a great article which includes 5 tips for preventing diabetes. We couldn’t have said it better 🙂 If you have additional questions about how you can prevent diabetes or would like some help making positive lifestyle changes in your life, we would like the opportunity to speak with you! To contact us, please CLICK […]

The Truth About Belly Fat

  In our previous post, Getting Rid of the Jiggle Around Your Middle, Emily Barr (our wonderful Skinny Gene Registered Dietitian), talked about the importance of incorporating low-fat dairy into your diet. We recently saw this article The Truth About Belly Fat on Web MD and wanted to share it with you!   If you […]