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Stop the Insanity, Start Getting Results

By: Emily Barr, MS,RD,CNSC

Your One Month Check-Up


We are approaching the 1 month marker into our new year, 2013.  The year we made ourselves promise that starting


January 1st (or 2nd!) we would flip the switch to better health.  So here is the question, how are those resolutions 

going? Most of us are probably thinking the same thing “what resolutions?”  Followed by “oh yeah, the resolution(s) that flew out the window weeks ago.”

There’s something about it, every year when the clock strikes midnight (or 9 o’clock if you’re on the West Coast with little ones), we find ourselves with a bit of “New Year’s Insanity”.  You know, like the definition says “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Some people’s “insanity” kicks in at the beginning of the new year, other’s may surface around bathing suit season,

weddings, or classmate reunions.  In any case, when it comes to our health, we are all guilty of setting ourselves up for failure, making drastic changes at the “stroke of midnight” that are just not realistic.

So what can we do to stop the insanity and start getting results in 2013?


Stop the Insanity, Start Getting Results



Follow these 4 important steps to a successful year:

1.   We need to know where we are in terms of our diet, exercise, and mental health.  All three are important components to weight management success. If one is out of balance, we need to recognize it and make the right changes to improve or restore the balance.


Such as, someone who is really good at exercising, but has not been drinking enough water.  The lack of proper hydration may be slowing down their metabolism, leaving all of their sweat and frustration in the gym, and their weight unchanged.

2.  We need to know what changes we can make to maximize our metabolism.  If we are inadequate or in excess of any key nutrients, our metabolism may be slowing down while our weight may be trending up.


For example, each of us has unique fat needs based on weight and medical history.  If we take in too much or too little fat, this may result in weight gain.


3.  We need to find a plan we can stick with over time.  This plan needs to include multiple small but powerful changes that can improve our body’s metabolism.


4.  We need to keep ourselves accountable.  We can do anything for a week or two, but sticking with something over a long period of time (A.K.A. lifestyle change) takes a lot of accountability. Friends who work out together or take on a healthy eating initiative are more successful than a person taking on a new healthy eating or exercise program alone.


Dr. Phil once said, “The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, so you have got to create a new history.” Well, there is no time like the present to get the help you need to break free of insanity and actually succeed.


 If you are having difficulty with any of these 4 steps, contact us (free). We are here to help you restore balance, maximize your metabolism, create a plan, and provide accountability.  >>>Click for help


All you have to do is take the first step today, with us or any other program, so “tomorrow” is not just more of the same.


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