Coconut Oil

As far as food fads go, the past couple of years have stuffed us full, with healthy trends such as acai bowls and avocado toast having massive surges in popularity. One of the most popular food fads that is gaining traction today is coconut oil, either as a cosmetic product or as a dietary supplement. […]

Sugar in your Cupboard

Gazing into my cupboard today I was overwhelmed. I am specifically looking to rid my pantry and refrigerator of excess sugar. The natural sugar, like the raisins in my cereal can stay. The bag of “yogurt” covered pretzels, I’m not so sure about. This is where I need think about the difference between naturally occurring […]

Juice-y Secrets

Babies diets consist of very few constituents; they are mostly understood as healthy doses of fruit mush along with either milk or formula. One of the most common elements in a babies’ diet is fruit juice, and although it has been understood as a staple in the infantile food pyramid, some doctors say that it is not as […]

Spring Clean Your Diet with Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables

By Rennie Arranda, Skinny Gene Registered Dietitian Spring is just around the corner and is a great time for a fresh start. Spring cleaning does not just include cleaning out your closets. It can also be a time to clean out any naughty little eating habits that have snuck up on you over the winter […]

Brain Food – Boost Your Brainpower

By Rennie Aranda, Skinny Gene Registered Dietitian As fall approaches and summer vacations come to an end, it’s time to get our brains ready to work at optimal levels for work and/or school. What better way to prepare for the months ahead than to stock up on brain food – foods that boost brain function […]

How to Buy Organic Without Breaking Your Budget

By Eileen Ferrer, Skinny Gene Nutritionist To buy organic or not to buy organic: that is the question.  It is safe to assume that Shakespeare never had to ask this question himself; however, it is a question we may ask ourselves.  For various reason we prefer to buy organic, such as for health by reducing […]

Clean Eating

By Rennie Aranda, Skinny Gene Nutritionist Springtime has arrived and with this season comes spring cleaning. While you’re getting ready to clean out old storage items and organize closet spaces, why not spring clean your bodies as well by throwing out processed foods in your kitchen and replacing it with fresh fruits and vegetables? Spring […]

5 Steps to Spring Clean Your Metabolism

By Rennie Aranda, Skinny Gene Nutritionist Clean eating has been a recent major movement amongst people who want to feel good about what they put into their bodies. The main principle of eating clean is replace processed foods with wholesome, fresh, and natural foods. For example, instead of a banana nut muffin, eat a banana […]