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WE, the community, are empowered and able to prevent type 2 diabetes.

WE are ready to stand up, take action, and raise our voices against this deadly disease.

For years diabetes has been an uncontrolled “Silent Killer,” and it has now become the 5th deadliest disease. It has invaded the lives of our friends and family. A disease that is largely preventable, by simply creating awareness and educating our community, is instead using negative stereotypes and shame to rob people of their voices.

OUR community presents an opportunity for members’ voices to be heard, one person’s inspiration to be met with another’s dedication, and new friendships to be formed. Each event is a new social environment that encourages healthy lifestyle changes and invites new members to join our fight to prevent diabetes.

Be an active member of our community!

Our community allows you to share in the experience, and enjoy the many benefits, of living a healthy lifestyle. As an active member of our community you can participate in cooking parties, fine dining events, nutritional seminars, relay and marathon races, and much more. Below are some of the ways you can take part in our community.

Enjoy the many benefits of having a Skinny Gene Project membership

Review your guide to finding out what’s happening in our community: We have created the following categories to showcase our various events and programs. So, familiarize yourself with each category and check out the corresponding sections below.

We Come TogetherWe Come Together: Find out what’s new in the Skinny Gene Project Community. This section will feature our most popular ongoing events and give you a sneak peek at upcoming events.

In Your BackyardIn Your Backyard: Explore our comprehensive list of events and programs that are happening in San Diego. We include Skinny Gene Project events, other non-profit programs, 5Ks, marathons, and a variety of other fun activities in your area.

Fabulous FoodFabulous Food: Tickle your taste buds with food that your whole body will enjoy. In this section you will find cooking and dinner parties, contests, recipes, a list of restaurants in your area that proves that fast food doesn’t have to mean bad food, and much more.

ExerciseExercise: Discover all the different ways you can have a blast burning calories. Regardless of whether you are bored with your current routine, need the inspiration to get moving again, or will be lacing up the workout shoes for the first time, we have something for you. Join other members in your area that participate in marathons etc, or that just want to take a brisk walk around the park. Take advantage of free or promotional offers with participating fitness organizations and try out new activities.

Want an overview of everything happening during the month, check out the main community calendar

Sign-up for our newsletter and stay informed about the new things happening in our community

Participate in our online chatroom – Our Mission, Your Voice

Help Shatter the Silence, share your story with us.

We Come Together

We Come Together


Give A Day. Get A Disney Day:

Volunteer to take part in our Skinny Gene Social Recipe Makeover and you will receive a 1-day, 1-theme park ticket to Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort, free.

Photo by Matt Pasant

Looking for the perfect excuse to get together with a few of your friends for an evening full of laughs and great food. Well, here’s a chance to release your inner competitive chef and show off your skills while supporting a great cause!

Participate in our Skinny Gene Social Recipe Makeover.

Help us to show others the JOY Of HEALTHY EATING! Create and share your tantalizing creations with our Skinny Gene members that are learning how to live a healthier lifestyle.

The Skinny Gene Project is a participating organization in the Give A Day. Get A Disney Day program.

For volunteering to take part in our Skinny Gene Social Recipe Makeover you will receive a 1-day, 1-theme park ticket to Disneyland® Resort or Walt Disney World® Resort, free.

ACT NOW, these free tickets are almost gone!!

To learn more or register for this limited time opportunity, please CLICK HERE.

Instructions to find this opportunity in the search menu:
1- Find the “Search For An Activity Box” (towards the bottom left)
2- Type in the zip code 92131 (but this volunteer opportunity can be completed anywhere in the US)
3- Select “community” in the “Volunteer Opportunity Interest Area”
4- Click on “Find an Activity”
5- Locate the opportunity titled “Social Recipe Makeover”


Dinner and Broadway Theatre:

We have “Skinny Gened™” the popular social outing, dinner and theatre, to create an all-new experience. Our members and their guest will enjoy a delicious and nutritious dinner at some of our cities’ finest restaurants. Our nutritionist will work with each restaurant to approve the current menu’s selections or help them create 3-course options specifically for our group. After dinner, we will have the pleasure of watching some of Broadway’s most acclaimed performances.

Upcoming Performances (new show will be posted shortly)

“How To Ignite Your Skinny Gene” – Nutritional Counseling Series:

The Skinny Gene Project is conducting a series of nutritional counseling sessions, including a full personalized nutritional assessment, to teach you how to optimize your metabolism. Having an improved metabolism is key to weight loss and diabetes prevention.

The “How To Ignite Your Skinny Gene” series is offered three ways:

1. In-Person Counseling
2. One-on-One Telephone counseling
3. Small Group Classes
4. Tele-Seminar Classes

Read more…

In Your Backyard

In Your Backyard

Skinny Gene SOCIAL experiences that help create SUCCESS STORIES

We understand the importance of having a wide social network of friends that share in the belief that making healthy decisions shouldn’t mean compromising your quality of life. We provide a variety of fun, social events that allow our members to interact with other positive, health-minded people who will reinforce their decision to live a healthier lifestyle.

(See a complete list of Skinny Gene Programs and Events in San Diego County.)

DINNER & SHOW- Skinny Gene style

We take a classic social experience -DINNER & SHOW- and do it Skinny Gene style by throwing a dinner party which brings together a supportive network of friends to celebrate each other’s decision to GET OUT AND LIVE LIFE.

When possible, we work with the hosting restaurant to create a 3-course with menu that is both delicious and nutritious.
Thanks to our fantastic relationship with Broadway San Diego, and other theaters throughout San Diego County, our Skinny Gene Project members have an opportunity to purchase tickets to some of the most popular shows before they go on sale to the general public.

Here are a few of the upcoming Skinny Gene Theatre Events:

Upcoming Events and Fundraiser


Performance Review

It’s here, and it’s “AN ELLE OF A SHOW” (TIME Magazine). The hilarious MGM film is now a smash hit musical, and now LEGALLY BLONDE THE MUSICAL is coming to you.

Underestimated blonde sorority star Elle Woods doesn’t take “no” for an answer. So when her boyfriend dumps her for someone “serious,” Elle puts down the credit card, hits the books, and sets out to go where no Delta Nu has gone before: Harvard Law. Along the way, Elle proves that being true to yourself never goes out of style.

Where: The Civic Theatre
When: Wednesday, March 31st @ 7:00
Our Discounted Ticket Price: Section A – $48.00 (including all taxes and fees)
Normal Ticket Price: $60 (box office price) ticket master could be $67 (including fees)

For tickets, please email us at

Fabulous Food

Fabulous Food

Cooking Parties, Classes, and Demonstrations

Do you love great food, but feel gourmet cooking is an art you have yet to master?
If so, the Skinny Gene Project offers many fun and exciting ways to help you bring the sizzle back into the kitchen but leaves the extra pounds behind.

Join a pre-scheduled class or demonstration, or invite your friends over for a cooking party. You bring the appetite; we will provide the food, wine, and the chef.

See Calendar of Events to find a class or demonstration in your area, or email us about how to host a cooking party with your friends.

Skinny Gene Dining Events – All the quality you expect with fine dining, but without the guilt

Beginning in San Diego County, we will host Skinny Gene Project Dining Events throughout the year. Each event will consist of a 3 -5 course meal that has been prepared in accordance with our strict nutritional guidelines (low glycemic, low fat, high fiber, appropriate calorie intake, and portion control). Each head chef will be given the challenge of making the most creative and healthy dinner menu using his or her specific cuisine style or distinction (e.g. French, Italian). Skinny Gene Project dinners may also offer a paired wine tasting to accompany each dish.
See Calendar of Events

* Contact us if you know of a restaurant in your area that would like to provide Skinny Gene Project Quality Option on their menu.

Featured Recipes- Healthier Alternatives for Thanksgiving

Click on each of the pictures above to see the recipe.

Previously Featured Thanksgiving Recipes (click on recipe title to see recipe):

Pear, Prosciutto & Hazelnut Stuffing (diabetes appropriate)

Cranberry, Cherry & Walnut Marmalade

Lemon-Garlic Roast Turkey & White-Wine Gravy (diabetes appropriate)

Cider-Glazed Roots with Cinnamon Walnuts

Green Bean Casserole (diabetes appropriate)

Think you can do better? Here’s your challenge:

Send us your favorite “Skinny Gene Project approved” recipes. The overall dish must be low fat, low glycemic, low calorie, and have high amounts of fiber. If your delectable dish meets our nutritional guidelines, we will post your recipes for other members to try at home and vote on. Maybe you will be the next “Skinny Gene Project Chef of the Month”.

* You must be a member to apply. Email us to find out more

Get the “Skinny” – How to Eat Right on the Go

Too busy to cook? If your notion of making dinner is making reservations or placing an order, and you’re also trying to eat more healthfully, a new website may be the answer to your quandary. Log onto to search for restaurants around the country that offer a selection of healthier menu items. Up to 10 menu items are listed for participating restaurants, along with the nutrition information – fat, calories, sodium and other key nutrients. You can “search” by geographic location, price range, and availability of take-out, delivery, or catering.

Dieting Tips and Recipes

We would like to make your transition into adopting a healthy lifestyle as smooth as possible. To aid in this process, we are providing you with our TOP 10 TIPS for losing weight and becoming a healthier YOU.
Read Now…

Our members will also enjoy a variety of additional BONUS resources that make improving their health as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Just For Members:

Food, Food, and More Food!!!:

Become a member and search through over 100,000 recipes* from Better Homes & Gardens, Bon Appétit, Epicurious, Food Network, Food and Wine, Gourmet, SELF, Southern Living and many more. Simply follow our suggestions, and tranform these popular recipes into delectable dishes that will tantalize your tastebuds and ignite your metabolism.

Let us show you how to incorporate these delicious creations in a healthy lifestyle. We took many of these recipes and applied them to our RULE OF 2. Eating healthy has never been so EASY!

RULE OF 2 – Eating your way into a healthy body is a simple as 1, 2, 3*:

Feel like dieting is too much work? Don’t worry, we did all of the work for you! The Rule of 2 is designed to give your metabolism a BOOST! We compared the fat, fiber, and glycemic index on a variety of everyday foods and gourmet recipes, and we sorted them according to 3 simple levels- 1, 2, and 3. Each level tells you how often you can eat a specific type of food – Several times a day, limit to once a day (specific quantities), or limit to once a week.

Simply choose from your favorite ingredients, food items, and recipes and eat your way into a healthy body.

Members will also receive:

  • The complete list of Glycemic foods
  • Substitutions- How to take your favorite recipes and make them healthier
  • Real Fiber content of popular foods
  • Chef’s Creations from around the Nation

Buy a membership

* You must be a member to access this page



Most Small Group Exercise Events are FREE for members. Join Now!!!

The Skinny Gene Project Exercise Program allows you to explore a variety of physical activities and environments to find the best fit for your particular needs and lifestyle.

Members will be able to receive FREE passes to participating fitness organization and join a variety of small group fitness activities. These groups will be formed according to specific interests or hobbies (e.g. Hiking Group in Northern San Diego). These small groups combine individuals that are just starting to incorporate elements of physical activity into their lives, with those who have successfully used exercise to manage or prevent health-related complications.

See calendar of events

Calendar of Events


We, the Skinny Gene Project, feel it is important to be an active participant in our community. We hope to create or promote events that allow you to share in exciting new experiences, form new friendships, and live a healthy lifestyle.

To help you stay connected with our Skinny Gene Project community, and support other local events, we have organized these events by category and placed them onto 6 different calendars. This will enable you to look at all Skinny Gene Project Events on one calendar, or search by your specific interest (e.g Living Life for social events or Tantalizing Tastebuds for food-related events).

If you know of an event you would like us to place on our calendar, please email us at


Skinny Gene Project Calendar of Events-San Diego

Main calendar: A summary of both Skinny Gene Project events and other fun activities happening in San Diego County.

Go to calendar

Fabulously Fit

Fitness Calendar: A list of some fun fitness-related activities that are taking place around our community.

Go to calendar

Living Life

Social Calendar: Find events that reflect your interests. The Skinny Gene Project hosts several social events to help you create a fun and positive social network. These events may include: social networking events, Broadway and other performance theatre, dancing, concerts etc.

Go to calendar

Me First

Wellness Calendar: The Skinny Gene Project events on this calendar are to encourage you to put yourself first, and participate in some events that will make you feel beautiful on the inside and out. Examples of these events could be: spa events, high tea, self-esteem seminars, makeup and fashion parties etc.

Go to calendar

Tantalizing Taste buds

Food Calendar: Come dine and discover the healthy side of San Diego. This calendar is for all food-related Skinny Gene Project events. Some of these events may include: Skinny Gene Supper Club (member’s only), cooking classes and demonstrations, recipe swap parties, dining parties, pot lucks etc.

Go to calendar


Supporting Our Community

Surrounding Community Calendar: These are NON Skinny Gene Project events, but they are activities we would like to help promote. This could include: other non-profit events, street festivals, or other events put on by our members.

Go to calendar