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for those who need it most.

Imagine knowing that you have a health condition, and being told that there is an over 60% chance that this illness will continue to grow and eventually attack every organ of your body. Slowly it will rob you of your energy, quality of life, and possibly your limbs (i.e. amputation). Although your health care costs will more than double, your disease could make it harder to work and earn income for your family. You may have to choose between caring for your health or keeping the lights on at home. You know each time your health takes a back seat to life’s other priorities, you know the risk of having a heart attack or stroke becomes more a reality than a possibility.

Imagine looking into your kids’ eyes fearing not only that you’ll be leaving them too soon on this earth, but also realizing that you’ve never learned to teach them how to make healthy choices to protect them from experiencing the same fate.


Bridging the gap in diabetes prevention

Despite being proven to be the most effective way to prevent type 2 diabetes, the CDC-based diabetes prevention program is NOT covered by most insurance companies.

The consequences of inadequate health care to prevent type 2 diabetes in low-income, underserved, uninsured and underinsured groups have a significant impact on our economy. Although 4 out of 5 dollars are spent treating complications that in many cases could have been prevented, the cost of managing this uncontrolled epidemic threatens to bankrupt health care systems (like ours), within a generation.

One solution is closing the health disparities gap and increasing availability, especially to high-risk populations with low access to diabetes prevention programs. By placing diabetes prevention programs in underserved areas, the Skinny Gene helps bridge the health disparities gap and brings high quality, culturally sensitive, evidence-based program to those with the greatest need.

Please donate to help us continue our existing diabetes prevention program and launch new programs in targeted areas that reach our populations in need.