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The J. Moss Foundation

About UsThe J. Moss Foundation is a non-profit organization that empowers, educates, and prevents the onset of diabetes. Our organization recognizes that the responsibility to prevent diabetes lies both in the hands of the health care industry and in the hands of the people.

For this reason, the J. Moss Foundation embarks on a two-part, joint campaign. On one part, our organization works within the health care industry to improve prediabetes education and screenings, and we provide a nutrition-based therapy to stop the further development of full-blown diabetes.

On the other part, through a division of the J. Moss Foundation known as the Skinny Gene Project, we address the social changes that are required to help others be successful in reducing, or completely eliminating, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

The Skinny Gene Project

About UsThe Skinny Gene Project is a division of the J. Moss Foundation that addresses the environment-based issues, or social atmospheres, that affect a person’s ability to prevent diabetes. Our organization shapes an individual’s environment so their decision to improve their health is met with guidance and encouragement, and their first step forward is not their last.

The Skinny Gene Project is a community that celebrates a person’s choice to lead a healthier lifestyle. Within the community, dining events, social fitness activities, cooking parties, and other social interactions with like-minded individuals will occur as frequently as possible. These events allow a person to incorporate elements of their new healthy lifestyle into fun social settings, faciliate the creation of a positive association between making healthy choices and enjoyable experiences, and ease the transition of these new changes into other aspects of their life.

A Different Approach

The J. Moss Foundation, including the Skinny Gene Project, is dedicated to preventing the onset of diabetes. Unlike other organization whose primary concern is managing diabetes, our focus is on screening, educating, and treating at-risk individuals before they are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Our organization believes stopping the development of prediabetes from becoming full-blown diabetes is key to greatly reducing the accelerated rate in which diabetes is growing. Furthermore, our main battle isn’t just diabetes, it also includes heart disease caused by elevated blood sugar.

For these reasons, the J. Moss Foundation uses a different approach to prevention. We conduct screenings with one of the nation’s leading FDA approved A1c tests. This allows us to educate at-risk individuals about their estimated risk of developing diabetes within the year(s) and heart disease. We then provide a comprehensive program, designed for each individual’s unique set of needs, to help them fight off diabetes. Lastly, we provide complete support with both professionals within the organization, and (through the Skinny Gene Project) within the person’s own community.

WE care about preventing diabetes, because we care about our families, friends, and our communities. The fight to prevent diabetes isn’t about “Them” – those who have it. It is about “WE” – the people, the collective whole that makes up our current community and the future we hope to have.

We care about preventing diabetes because…

WE know that diabetes is the 5th deadliest disease, and it is a Silent Killer.
WE see each new case of type 2 diabetes as being a “missed opportunity” to stop the progression of prediabetes when we had the chance.
WE are concerned that the number of diabetes cases has reached epidemic proportions and is propelled forward from the momentum generated by undiagnosed and uncontrolled prediabetes.
WE worry about our children’s, grandchildren’s, and great-grandchildren’s futures.
WE hope that YOU, as a member of our community, will help shine a light on this issue and raise your voice. No longer shall diabetes be a Silent Killer. Our voices will be the weapon that spreads awareness, educates those around us, eliminates negative stigmas and stereotypes associated with diabetes, and empowers others to prevent diabetes.

Educating, Empowering, and Preventing Diabetes

Our SuccessOur organization has successfully helped screen and diagnose many individuals, that prior to our efforts, did not know they were at-risk of developing or currently had diabetes.

With physician participation, the J. Moss Foundation has conducted prediabetes screenings for a diverse group of patients. We used a 3-step process to 1) identify possible at-risk patients, 2) further qualify the individual with a random blood sugar test, and 3) if possible, determine the patient’s A1c(link to A1c chart’s PDF) and likelihood of developing diabetes and heart disease.

Of the 413 people screened, and unaware they may be at-risk, the following had previously gone undetected:

  • 83% of participants had 2 or more at-risk factors
  • 27 % of participants had multiple, significant signs (non-blood test) to indicate that they had an extremely high
    likelihood of having prediabetes and the risk of developing diabetes in the very near future.

Of participants that elected to have an A1c test (blood test)

  • 75% had an A1c result in a prediabetic range
  • 15% had an A1c in a diabetic range

Each person that participated in the screening process is now empowered with the knowledge of what factors increase a person’s risk of developing diabetes, and how he or she can do their part in preventing this disease.

We would like to extend a SPECIAL THANKS to the following organizations and individuals that have shown their support for the Skinny Gene Project and the people we serve.


We Need Your Help! Education creates the way for life-changing choices to be made

Only through your help can we continue to help others. Your donations help to create awareness about prediabetes, screen at-risk groups, provide A1c testing for those who can’t afford it, and allow those ready to fight diabetes to have the tools and resources needed to be successful.

Your contribution to our organization is an investment in a person, a community, and a better future for all. Donate Now!

Emily Barr
Co-Creator of the Ignite Your Skinny Gene Project
Area of expertise: Nutrition

Marlayna Bollinger
Area of expertise: Prediabetes/Diabetes Awareness Education Programs and Marketing Strategies

Lindsay Martin
Co-Creator of the Skinny Gene Project
Area of expertise: Non-profit operations


D’Lana Dismuke

Board Role: President; Director of Branding and Marketing
Area of Expertise: Branding and Advertising/Marketing Strategies; Prediabetes population

Current Employment: Ad Solutions Specialist at Microsoft

Kimberly Keener

Board Role: Secretary; Director of RN relations

Area of Expertise: Clinical Research/ Nursing/ Non-profit

Current Employment: Registered Nurse in the Emergency Room at Sharp Grossmont in La Mesa, CA

Heather McClelland

Board Role: Fundraising Chair; Director of Information Technology
Area of Expertise: Fundraising/ Non-profit/ Information Technology

Current Employment: Copley YMCA


Jesse Moss Jr. M.D., F.A.C.S., P.A.

Board Role: Director of Program Development and Physician Relations
Area of Expertise: Medical Industry

Current Employment: Sole Practitioner- Otolaryngology; past President of Bexar County Medical Association



Jessica Marin

Advisory Topic: Marketing within the health care industry
Area of Expertise: Health care administration; Pharmaceutical/Medical devise sales

Current Employment: Territory Sales Manager Ethicon BioSurgery


Elissa Ritt

Advisory Topic: Marketing within the health care industry
Area of Expertise: Biopharmaceutical Industry Liaison

Current Employment: Medical Science Liaison at NuFactor

Samantha Doerfler

Advisory Topic: Fundraising and community-based program development
Area of Expertise: Director of Lifestyle Programs for Senior Citizens; Fundraising

Current Employment: Teacher at Pilgrim Lutheran School

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