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Virtual classrooms are the new solution for extended education classes for busy adults, who have the challenge of juggling jobs, family, friends, etc. They seem to have no time for “me time”, and their personal health is the one that suffers the most. Just like virtual classrooms make it easier for you to take classes to advance your career, our virtual diabetes prevention program is the solution to advancing your health.

One-on-one instruction with community support is how “I” turns into “We”,
and together we will turn illness into wellness.

Have a busy lifestyle?

Not a problem, now you can order DPP to Go!

This personalized Diabetes Prevention Program is based on your needs and your schedule.

What you will receive in the Virtual Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)

This innovative, virtual version of the in-person DPP classes is accessible from your smartphone or computer. The platform includes your own Registered Dietitian not just to help you make dietary changes but also acts as your health coach to guide you through the program. You will also have a small community support group to encourage you along the way.


Licensed Registered Dietitians provide dedicated, one-on-one support, every step of the way


Small online community of your peers providing encouragement, creating accountability with the same goals and objectives


Photo-journaling of actual participant diet for customized feedback by an assigned Registered Dietitian


16 weeks of scientifically supported and engaging online content to inspire lasting behavior change


Smart tools for ease and convenience of tracking data and progress


Access to Registered Dietitians for active engagement

Get the resources you need to succeed

If you are at-risk for type 2 diabetes, the last thing you need is another diet, because they can make your weight and emotions swing out of control.  It’s time to kick the “yo-yo” diets to the curb, and focus on learning how to live a healthier lifestyle. We have the resources and support you need to not only improve your life but your family’s too.  What you learn in this 1-year Virtual DPP will not just stop the progress of prediabetes into type 2, you will know how to defeat diabetes in your family.


Registration for the Virtual DPP is now available. The class will have a maximum of 30 students, which will learn and support each other for the entire year. Enroll now to reserve your “seat” in our virtual classroom today. Once payment is received a member of our team will contact you to explain the program in detail and complete the application process. If you find this program is not the right fit for you, simply cancel within 14 days to receive a full refund.

For more information about the DPP, please visit our FAQs or Contact us.

Pay Now, Save Later!

Preventing diabetes can lead to cost savings of $7,900 a year! Not only can our diabetes prevention programs reduce your risk of type 2 by at least 58%, but it might also save you some money too. Once diagnosed with diabetes, the average person’s medical cost are $13,700 a year. So, prevention may not be something you can afford to pass up! Please pick from the following payment options to reserve your seat today:


$50 registration + $50/month

• We will reserve your “seat”

• After speaking with a care coordinator, you will have 14 days to decide if you will accept your seat or a receive a full refund.


$150/ quarterly

• You will be enrolled and assigned a Registered Dietitian to guide you throughout the year



• You will be enrolled and assigned a Registered Dietitian to guide you throughout the year

• Includes a 10% discount for fully committing to preventing type 2 diabetes.