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Be A Volunteer

We need you.

Have a passion for healthy living and an interest in volunteering? You’re in the right place!

The Skinny Gene Project frequently has a variety of opportunities that will allow you to use your unique talents to end the trend of type 2 diabetes. Not sure if you have what it takes to join Skinny Gene’s Volunteer Team? Let’s find out!

Do you like ….greeting people, writing, cooking, designing, taking pictures, making videos, translating, teaching, and/or having lots of fun? Are you dependable, energetic, detail oriented, and/or a “born leader”? 

If you’ve answered “YES” to any of these questions, and you are 18 years of age or older, you belong on Team Skinny Gene.

How will it make a difference?

Just like many people we serve, we need support. When you volunteer with the Skinny Gene Project, you help us to improve upon and/or expand our programs so we can have a much greater impact on those in need. 

When it comes to ending the trend of diabetes, 1 is a very important number. If we don’t act now, 1 in 3 Americans will develop diabetes. With your help we can provide those at-risk with the encouragement, guidance, and resources they need to make prevention more than a possibility. You can be the 1 to make prevention a reality.

Volunteer Opportunities

Graphic Design


Other Opportunities

Have a creative mind and an eye for detail? Volunteer your time and talent to help us create more awareness for diabetes prevention. Your designs could be featured in our nationwide promotions and campaigns.

We are looking for graphic designer that can create eye-catching designs and great visual ideation. Skills may include:
• Typography
• Using Design Software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.
• Multimedia Design Software (Acrobat, etc.)
• Color Theory
• Layout Optimization
• Print Design

Do you speak and write in multiple languages? We could really use your help! Prediabetes affects people of every age, race, and ethnicity. In fact, many minority populations have an increased risk for developing diabetes, but few resources to help them prevent type 2 diabetes are written in their native language.
We are constantly finding and developing new resources, and we need your help to make them available in multiple languages.

Languages may include (but not excluded to):

• Spanish
• Chinese
• French
• German
• Japanese
• Portuguese
• Korean
• Russian
• Arabic

Want to volunteer? We might have an upcoming opportunity for you.
If you are one of the following, please contact us to learn about additional opportunities to volunteer with Skinny Gene.

• Doctors
• Nurses
• Register Dietitians
• Writers
• Chefs
• Bloggers
• Photographers
• Videographers
• Runners
• Fitness Instructors
• Greeters
• Hosts
• And More

Words From Participants

How To Apply?

Send us an email and tell us about yourself. Please include your area of interest or skills/talents you would like to utilize.

Attach in your email your resume, samples of work, or a link to your online portfolio.

Once we receive your request, a member of our team will send you a confirmation email. We will let you know of any opportunities that are available, or we will put you on a list to notify you when an opportunity arises.

The three most value things a person can give are their time, talents, and/or treasure. So, feel good knowing that your volunteerism will help give others the most value gift of all – quality years of life.