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5 Scary Foods You Thought Were Healthy

We’ve all been duped before. The claims on a package of “natural”, “low fat”, “high in vitamins” - all screaming “pick me! I’m healthy!” As scary as it sounds, some labels can be misleading. The frightening truth is that unless you do a little detective work reading the nutrition facts and ingredient list, there is no other way of knowing just how healthy a product is. Let me help you cross off a few of these terrifying foods from your healthy list.

Sandwich Makeovers

No picnic basket is complete without tasty sandwiches. They are easy to prepare, carry, and share. But how do you build a sandwich that won’t pack on the pounds? The key to a healthy sandwich is to have a good balance of all the food groups. Including the right carbohydrate, protein, dairy, fruits (yes fruits!) and veggie choices in your sandwich will keep you full and prevent spiked in your blood sugar. Let’s breakdown the building blocks of a wholesome sammie.

Summer Food Safety

Summer is here and so is the season of picnics, pool parties, and barbeques! Unfortunately these events can be bacteria's dream come true. 1 in 6 Americans suffer from food poisoning each year. In the summer months, those numbers escalate. Have a food safe summer by remembering these four basic food safety rules. You'll keep your friends and family safe, from the food prep down to bringing home delicious leftovers.