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How We Can Help You

We believe that helping you to live a healthy lifestyle includes providing you with the tools and resources you may need to navigate through ( or over) many of life’s biggest obstacles.  Yes, we specialize in teaching others how to use food to improve their health and quality of life, but we also do much more.

We provide…

ANSWERS: We offer FREE nutrition counseling to anyone in the United States that has a nutrition question or concern that they would like answered by a Nutritionist.  To receive help, please CLICK HERE to book a phone appointment.


FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Our Financial Assistance Program helps us to “bridge the gap” and help those who need it most to participate in our Skinny Gene Lifestyle  Modification Program, regardless of their insurance policy or bank account. Please CLICK HERE  to learn more!

CONTESTS & GIVEAWAYS: There are quite a few items that make it easier to continue living a healthy lifestyle. We will be hosting several contests and giveaways that will motivate others to keep making healthy choices, and provide familes with an opportunity to win one of our “healthy resources”.