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At Risk Test

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Take this At-Risk Evaluation and find out!

Below are some of the factors that may either influence a person’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes or may indicate an existing elevated blood sugar problem. To determine whether you may be at risk of developing diabetes, please answer the questions below. For each question, please give yourself one (1) point for yes or zero (0) for no.

Section A

1.)   Do you have a parent who currently has or has had diabetes, a heart attack, cardiovascular disease, or coronary artery by-pass surgery?      ____point

2.)  Do you have a sister or brother that has diabetes?   ____points

3.)  Are you a woman who had gestational diabetes during pregnancy?  ____points

4.)  Do you have a BMI over 25?  See Chart  ____points

5.)  Are you 40 years of age or older?  ____points

6.)   Are you of either African-American, Hispanic American/Latino, Native American, or Pacific Islander descent?  ____points

7.)  Do you have high blood pressure (140/90 or higher)? ____points

Section B

8.)   Do you have high blood triglycerides or cholesterol (250 or higher)? ____points

9.)   Do you have periodontal (gum) disease?  ____points

10.) Are you a male with erectile dysfunction? ____points

11.) Do you smoke tobacco? ____points

12.) Have you been diagnosed with depression?  ____point

Please add up all your points.      Total points: ____

Congratulations! Knowledge is powerful, and you may have just taken the first step in preventing diabetes from affecting your life.

If you have answered “Yes” to 2 or more questions above, or 1 “Yes” response in Section A, there is an increased possibility that you may be at risk of developing type 2 diabetes (i.e. have prediabetes). We encourage you to continue being proactive and take the necessary next steps to determine your exact risk of developing this potentially life-altering disease.

If your totaled “Yes” responses equal 0, or 1 “Yes” response from Section B, you may have a lower risk of developing diabetes within the next few years.  If you are still concerned about your level of risk, we encourage you to take the appropriate blood test to determine your exact likelihood of having or developing diabetes.

If you have additional questions about your risk for developing type 2 diabetes, OR are ready to take action to PREVENT DIABETES, we’d like the opportunity to TALK to you!!!

Please CLICK here, and check the box- Skinny Gene Support Options, and a member of our nutrition team will contact you shortly!

For most of us, if we don’t do anything about it, getting diabetes isn’t as much of an IF as it is a WHEN. Educating yourself, and others, about the many factors that influence a person’s chance of developing type 2 diabetes is the best defense we have against this silent killer. Raise your voices! Shares this information with friends and family. You may even save someone’s life.

Disclaimer:  This questionnaire neither diagnoses diabetes or prediabetes, nor does a total score of 0 points mean that you are not at risk of developing, or currently have, diabetes. This form provides some of the factors that have been proven to either lead to or indicate glucose-related complications.