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Skinny Gene Project Financial Assistance Program

Filling The Gap… So Prevention Can Prevail


Type 2 diabetes is preventable, but for many people, to do it requires much more than a diet plan.

Here’s the great news, type 2 diabetes is preventable. Studies have shown that a 5 – 7% weight loss can reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes by 58%.

So that leads us to the big question…. if it was that simple, just helping people lose weight, then why would diabetes still be the 5th deadliest disease, cost our nation over $218 billion dollars each year, and threaten to affect 1 in 3 children born today?

The short answer is, because many times the weight is what we consider a “symptom of a much larger problem”. Many people require much more than a diet plan; they need to be given the tools required to make the right choices to live a healthier lifestyle. They need a lifestyle modification program that provides both behavior modification and nutrition counseling. A solution that is quite costly and rarely covered by insurance; therefore, it is a solution usually afforded to a small percentage of the population.

Many people, when diagnosed with prediabetes, are told that they need to lose weight in order to prevent diabetes. Those who take this “warning” seriously hit the gyms or try dieting.  Sometimes this is exactly “what the doctor ordered”, but those who have struggled to maintain a healthy weight for most of their lives find themselves in the company of  95 % of Americans – regaining the weight within 2 – 3 years and left feeling frustrated, disappointed, and hopeless; none of which leads to diabetes prevention.

The Skinny Gene Lifestyle Modification Program has an 80% success rate, helping our average client achieve 9% weight loss, which may equal a health care savings of  $39,900 per person over the next 10 years.  More than saving money, our program helps to save lives. The earlier a person is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, the greater the threat of losing precious years of life. If unmanaged, a child diagnosed with type 2 diabetes by age 10 can lose up to 23 years of life; where as an adult diagnosed by age 40 may lose 14 years.

Our Financial Assistance Program helps us to “bridge the gap” and help those who need it most to participate in our Skinny Gene Lifestyle  Modification Program, regardless of their insurance policy or bank account.

We offer a sliding fee scale that is based on the needs of the individual. We provide financial assistance to those who are at or below 133% of the 2011 Federal Poverty Levels (shown in the chart below).  Although we have not received any federal funding, we are proud to say that all of the money used to help those in our program to prevent diabetes comes from privately-held organizations and every day people that care about improving the health of our nation.

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We are always in need of donations!  Just a donation for as low as  $35 can provide financial assistance to help one of our members to continue receiving nutrition counseling so that they can continue to learn how to make healthier choices and prevent diabetes from affecting their family. CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW

If you believe you are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes (click here to take the online risk assessment), and you would like to be considered for our Skinny Gene Financial Assistance Program, please click the link below and complete the form. Once we receive it, a member of our team will contact you shortly to answer any questions you may have about diabetes prevention and enrolling in our Lifestyle Modification Program.