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Here is an email we received from a  member of our Skinny Gene Project family in San Antonio.  This email touched us because it wasn’t a testimonial, but rather an honest account of why he decided to give Skinny Gene a chance, began believing in himself , and started living a healthier lifestyle. (for privacy his name has been removed)

I want to be honest about this.  When I first started with Skinny Gene,  I was cynical.

Nothing I had done before worked.   I agreed to pay the fees associated with this project, as Dr. Moss had already told me about that.  Why I did this with Dr. Moss is still unclear even to me.  I knew I had to lose weight, I heard Dr. Moss tell me about this program and website, I gave him a check as if in a dream, then Marlayna called me, and I agreed to pay some more money to lose weight.  When I talked to her, I think I still thought of this as a fantasy that would not in the end work.

Why should this program work?  I had been in weight reduction programs in the past, and none worked.

That first month with Skinny Gene, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, was a tough month.  I’m sure Emily and Marlayna must have thought I was a bad client, I didn’t respond with a lot of enthusiasm.  When Marlayna first called me, I was still going through physical therapy just to get my right arm and hand working again.

I can’t recall feeling very optimistic about what I was doing.  It was in January that I saw some real benefits, and I think my meeting with Emily and Marlayna was a real boost.  As January moved on, and as I continued to lose weight, I found some real changes in how my clothes fit and how my way of walking changed.  It’s after I had met them, and saw a weight loss of around 15 lbs, that things began to look very optimistic and doable.

Also, the presentations that Emily did with telecon and power points were fantastic, it was like I was learning something for the first time that NO ONE HAD EVER TOLD ME.

I can now really, really think of weighing 350, 330, 300, and into 290!

I can visualize my weight change.  I want it.  I know how to do it.  And from there go to 270 down to 190, which is what I weighed when I was in college.

After the cruise in 2009 that my wife and I went on I knew I needed to change my life.  I had ignored this for a while that summer of 2009, but it kept nagging me.  My wife deserved the man she married 30 years ago, and I was not that man.  I was fat.

My outlook is one of desperation.  I don’t want to be a “heavy person” any longer.

Update: This person has lost more than 57 pounds and continues to make healthy choices everyday to improve the quality of his life

DisclaimerThe weight loss testimonial presented is applicable to the individual depicted and are not a guarantee of your weight loss nor are they typical.