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Best Defense Against Cellulite

It happens to the best of us. It’s those not so firm, not so attractive areas you find yourself staring at in the mirror on your backside, legs and stomach. If you’re guilty of critiquing your body, which we all do, just know when it comes to cellulite…, you’re not alone.

 Cellulite is the uneven appearance or dimpling of the skin that usually creeps up around the thighs and buttocks. This condition occurs in 80-90% of adult females, as well as in a few men.  So you must be wondering how cellulite forms?   Check out the visual explanation from Dr. Oz as he illustrates how the connective tissue, especially the collagen, is responsible for holding everything together in tight little compartments. With cellulite, the connective tissue and collagen are unable to keep the fat from poking through, causing the dimples. 

How do women get so unlucky?  Well, the cause of cellulite is not well understood, but there are many factors that are suspected to play a role.   These factors include hormones, primarily Estrogen, genetic factors, gender, race, diet, and lifestyle. 

So what can we do to minimize the appearance of cellulite? You may want to start focusing on water, diet, and exercise.  Lucy Danzinger, from Self Magazine put together an overview of diet tips to help with hydrating your skin, eating collagen-building foods, and ways to prevent fat storage to keep cellulite under wrap.

Unfortunately there is not a cure for cellulite, except for a cute swimsuit cover-up!  But for now, diet and exercise is our number one dimpling defense.

By Emily Barr, MS, RD, CNSC

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