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January Giveaway: Your Plan for Creating a Healthy New Year

Has the magic of the New Year already begun to fade?


Regardless of whether you celebrated the New Year on a cozy couch at home, with anintimate group of family and friends,

By Ludie Cochrane

or rung in the New Year at some big bash, you may have felt a bit of the magic that the New Year can bring to us all.


No, this isn’t the hocus pocus kind of magic; it’s the kind that happens inside. The problem for most people is that they dismiss the “magic” and instead get wrapped up in a bit of “New Year’s manipulation”.


What do we mean by New Year’s Manipulation? Our definition goes something like this…


New Year’s Manipulation [noo yeers muh-nip-yuh-ley-shuhn]


1.     Believing that after overindulging  from Halloween through Dec 31st, a person can undo in 1 week what has take them 3 months to “put on”

2.    All you need is a motivation and determination to ring in a healthy new year


TRUTH: Studies have proven that most people never lose the pound (or two) they gain during the holidays. To do so often takes more than a little bit of determination; it also takes direction.  Otherwise, you’ll just (maybe unknowingly) bring old bad habits into the New Year.


When it comes to achieving weight loss and other related-health goals, people rarely experience accidental success. You NEED TO PLAN FOR SUCCESS!


Simply put, with the right guidance and executable plan, you can avoid New Year’s Manipulation, and instead create a bit of MAGIC.

New Year’s Magic [noo yeers majik]


 1.     Forgiving yourself for any past mistakes, seizing the opportunity today to put the things in motion to create a healthier tomorrow

2.     Realizing the best way to create a new YOU in the New Year, is to start focusing on YOU

3.     Knowing  the best way to detach yourself from the OLD things that caused problems is to start rebuilding your health by doing something new


The magic of the New Year is that you get to mentally wipe the slate clean and starting writing the things into your life that you’d like to see or become. We’re here to help you!


Our non-profit organization wants nothing more than to help you make 2012 the year you succeed and achieve your weight loss and health goals. We’ve heard countless times from our members, “If I knew what to do, I would have done it already”, which seemed like a logical argument.  So now we have a rebuttal ….


What if we told you exactly what you needed to do, explained the “what, when, and how much”, gave you guidance and accountability every step of the way? What if we got you started on your personalized plan for a healthy 2012 – FOR FREE.


Yep, that’s right!  If you are serious about getting healthier in 2012, we will give you a 30 minute phone session with one of our Nutritionists for free – Gratis! Gratuit! Libero! Gratuitamente!  No matter how you say it, or spell it, it’s free. The only little catch… you need to book your appointment to speak with our nutritionist by January 31, 2012.  So get bookin’! 🙂


Click the book now button below (or the link) and select “ Your Plan for a Healthy New Year”, then let the MAGIC begin.

Happy New Year!

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