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Liver Life Walk: Supporting the American Liver Foundation

Written by Allison Muhar

Skinny Gene Project was a proud participant in the American Liver Foundation’s 16th annual Liver Life Walk in San Diego.

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Skinny Gene Project is a San Diego based non-profit focused on educating and empowering people who are prediabetic, or at risk for type 2 diabetes. At this event, Skinny Gene Project offered free information to participants, focusing on the connections between obesity and insulin resistance, which can be major factors for both diabetes and liver disease.

Here are a few of our pictures from the race…

The American Liver Foundation has been around since 1976 and focuses on research and education of liver diseases. The San Diego Liver Life Walk took place Saturday the 28th of June. Funds from this event go towards education and research of liver disease. The liver works together with your body to regulate the amount of sugar the body stores, and later how much of it gets released into the bloodstream. Therefore the liver plays a vital part in controlling blood sugars. Liver disease can cause many lasting complications, such as diabetes, kidney failure and loss of muscle mass.

Skinny Gene Project is an organization focused on the prevention of type 2 diabetes, giving advice for healthy lifestyle changes such as cooking and workout tips for free through their blog and social media accounts in order to reduce obesity, insulin resistance and high triglycerides. Skinny Gene Project also offers nutrition counseling services to people who are at-risk of type 2 diabetes.

Information about the American Liver Foundation:

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