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pinterest-cover-storyIt’s the latest social media rage, where you can daydream of being the most perfect person with a fantastic wardrobe, beautifully decorated home with a to die for lawn and bountiful garden. Not to mention, you can dream you are an amazing chef, party planner, hostess, housekeeper, exercise fanatic, and creatively thoughtful, loving parent.

Perusing Pinterest is a great way to entertain yourself when you have a few minutes to spare, brainstorm about an upcoming project, or simply need to unwind. There is one important detail to keep mind, the captions tagged to each pin are self written and may be false or misleading.

For example, recipes will be oftentimes self-declared as healthy, before pinning, check it out to see if in fact it is true or if the recipe is modifiable. Once you do go in for the pin, be sure to modify that tag line to say what you think is true, or how you will modify the recipe.

The virtual bulletin board of Pinterest is a great way to gather some amazing spring cleaning ideas for the house. Below are some of our favorites to save time, money, and calories!  

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Quick cleaning for the home:



Garbage disposal


Organize your kitchen cabinets:

Cutting boards

Baking sheets


Organize the closets:

Gift wrapping


Save money with homemade solutions:

Cooking spray

Chip clips


Save Calories:

Asparagus Guacamole

Spaghetti Squash

Kale Chips

Calorie Substitutions


Happy pinning!


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