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Rethink Success

A heat wave has hit the south, and it’s been melting pounds for our Skinny Gene members in Texas and Southern California. 

Proving they know how to achieve summertime success, 10 of our members have lost a total of 182 pounds – of which all but 42 were shed within the last 90 days.  More important than the pounds lost, are the second chances at life that have been gained.

You see, these aren’t just “lovin’ the way you look” kinda pounds. For many of our members, it is the first time they are experiencing success in a weight loss battle that has been raging for more years than they can count.  They have pride in what they’ve accomplished and confidence that those pesky pounds are finally gone, for good.

I wish we could take full credit for their success, but we can’t.  Yes, our program takes a unique approach towards weight management, but the real difference is the way our members have learned to rethink success.

 Most of the time, we associate SUCCESS with a finished product, an outcome, a result.  Successful weight loss includes weight management – which means you have the task of not only taking off the weight, but more importantly, keeping it off. 

In the past, our members would approach weight loss like they were running a race. The start date is the starting line, and they cross the finish line when they achieve their goal (like losing 30 pounds).  What they’ve come to realize is that reaching their weight loss goal is just the first step, keeping it off is the real challenge.  Weight management doesn’t have a beginning and end; it is something we all must work at every day

Success is making the best decision with the options given- one meal, one day at a time.

We’re proud of these 10 Skinny Gene members for learning how to overcome daily temptations, making healthier choices, and focusing on the positive actions taken during their journeys towards living healthier lives.

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