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We’ve Been Nominated!!

The Skinny Gene Project was recently nominated as one of the most influential non-profits in San Diego. 

Please show your support for our mission to prevent diabetes and vote for our organization. VOTE by clicking the up arrow next to Skinny Gene Project (please only vote once!)


We are honored to be nominated for non-profit of the year, for our use of social media to influence the members of our San Diego community (and beyond) to live a healthier lifestyle and prevent diabetes.

We are a small non-profit organization with a huge message to share. Social media allows us to amplify our voice, so that we can impact as many lives as possible.

Our challenge is to change the way people think and talk about diabetes and diabetes prevention. The face of diabetes prevention is the 21 – 44 year old blogger and microblogger who can take our message of awareness, and the power of prevention, and transform it into a two-way dialogue with our community. Through social media we can provide a forum to share and discuss current health-related news stories, how-to tips, struggles and success stories.

Many of the 57 million Americans with prediabetes, most of whom are unaware that they are at risk of developing diabetes in a few years, struggle with making drastic lifestyle changes. The fear about making big changes can cripple them from making any changes at all. Microblogging (twitter) allows us to give bite-sized, doable actions that are easy to execute, which leads to long-term, sustainable positive lifestyle changes and increases a person’s chance of preventing diabetes.

Using social media we make people the focus of our fight to prevent diabetes. We can expose this Silent Killer and give prevention a voice. 

ABOUT NOMINATION (from #influencesd press release)

San Diego based businesses, bloggers, and brands participating in social media will get an opportunity for local recognition at InfluenceSD (#influenceSD), an awards ceremony celebrating champions of new & real-time media exclusively for San Diego.

Once nominated, local community members can vote their favorite candidates up the list. The top 5 nominees in each category will be announced on March 24th and will advance to the final judging round. The winners will be announced at the event, which will be complete with entertainment and presentations from leaders in the media community.

“We have an exciting opportunity to bring together influential members of our San Diego community and reward the ones that are spreading their message in innovative ways,” says Matt Browne one of the co-founders of #influenceSD.

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