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Lumps of Coal vs Sugar Plum Fairies- The Reason For Making Healthy Changes this Season

What’s on your Christmas list this year? 

What if I told you, you can choose between sugar plum fairies or a lump of coal?  Seems like an obvious answer, but somehow, the decision is not that easy.  Let me explain my thinking.

By Star 5112

So…day in and day out, as a health care provider, I have the challenge of helping adults that have previously struggled with weight loss finally lose those pesky pounds to improve their health.

 In my efforts to help each person with an increased Body Mass Index  (BMI) and other health risk factors to lose weight, I pull out all of the “scary” words in hopes that each individual will have the ah-ha moment and commit to changing their ways.

 These “scary” words are the coal in your stocking.   It’s not what you want for Christmas, but what you may be getting… whether you like it or not.  These “lumps of coal” are heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, and cancer to name a few.  I tell each person about these life threatening problems, the ones that may kill you, but somehow, these warnings don’t translate to better health.  So this holiday season, I am taking a whole new refreshing approach…sugar plum fairies

The “sugar plum fairies” are those amazingly wonderful things that you love and live for.  Moments with your family and friends, reminiscing about old times with your favorite people, exotic vacations or traveling abroad, great laughs, and all of your happy thoughts.

 Making a list of reasons you want to lose weight is always one of my favorite requests I ask of our clients during counseling sessions.

 This list may contain some things that make you feel good on the outside – of course- like how you look in your jeans or swimsuit.  It should also contain the things that make you feel good on the inside – those happy thoughts.

 Some of my favorite reasons for weight loss is to be able to keep up with your kids, meeting your grandkids, being able to travel without feeling tired, and on and on.

 My hope for our entire Skinny Gene family is that as the New Year approaches, we can all take time to reflect on our goals for better health.

The choice is yours, lumps of coal or sugar plum fairies?  It might be time to make some changes – I’m sure you’ll find the sugar plum fairies are worth it!

By Emily Barr, MS, RD, CNSC

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