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Redefine Gift Giving

Some people get a jump-start and begin purchasing gifts in July, but most of us are still racking our brains mid December over giving the perfect gift to each person on our list.  With each passing year, gift giving gets seemingly more difficult. What happened to “it’s the thought that counts?”  

If you listen to the commercials that encourage you to buy the latest and greatest, you might be persuaded to believe that it’s not the thought,  but the brand  that matters.  We’re here to restore a little sanity and bring the gift giving season back to the thought and heart of the matter.

The greatest part about gift giving is the giving itself.
Gift giving is an important part of our human nature that has been proven to help us strengthen bonds, define relationships, and express our love and commitment. 

By Thomas Hawk

Unfortunately, limited financial resources have had a shrinking effect on our annual gift giving lists. Even with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday, it seems financially impossible to give to each person that positively impacts our life. 

 So how do we expand our giving without overextending our bank accounts?

One idea is – give gifts that don’t have any quantifiable value. That’s right! Gifts that don’t come with a per person price tag (or a tag at all). The biggest gift of all being YOU!

Looking for some ideas? Think extended warranty.  Give gifts that have long-term benefits and help fulfill a specific need.

Are you a great cook? Put together a list of healthy recipes and email them to friends. Start an annual tradition of sharing recipes.  

Are you a great listener with a positive outlook on life? Create a small support group among friends. 

Do you live a healthy lifestyle?  Be an accountability ally for a friend that wants to make healthier choices.  Be a walking buddy or healthy dining partner.

Have your family and friends asked (or begged) you to take the steps needed to improve your health?  Take the plunge. Put a bag of coins in each person’s stocking and tell them that you’re ready for change.

The point is, don’t let finances dictate your gift giving this year. Great creative. Redefine gift giving. Always remember, YOU are the greatest gift you can give.

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