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March Madness Produce Playoffs

March Madness brings out the best of the best teams to compete in head-to-head matchups on the basketball court!  In honor of the march mayhem, Skinny Gene presents the Produce Playoffs!  Just like the big dance, anything can happen on any given day as these super foods go head-to-head!  Whatever the outcome, all of these foods are winners!

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Each week some of our favorite performing produce will go head-to-head. We will give you the scouting reports  for each produce team, including their offensive/defensive lineups. Using the information provided, simply guess which produce in each head-to-head matchup will prevail.  Just know that some produce are prone to pull an upset!   

To make your selection, simply cast your vote using the poll at the bottom of each matchup. Then, tell us who you voted for in the blog comments below.   For each matchup, you can only cast 1 vote, and once the winner is announced the voting for that matchup will be closed. Don’t worry if you miss one, there will be up to 4  matchups each week during March Madness and plenty of chances to earn points and prizes.


– For each head-to-head you guess correctly, you will get one (1) point.

– For each head-to- head, leave us a comment below telling us why you think your chosen produce will take the    prize, and you’ll earn two (2) additional points. {Keep it clean folks, or it won’t count.}

-If your comment is sooo good that we feature it on our Skinny Gene Facebook page, we will give you three (3) more points.

 But, the easiest way to win a prize is to GET SOCIAL!!  Here’s the deal… if your friend wins a prize, so will you.

At the end of the March Madness Produce Playoffs tournament, we will count up all the points. Each point counts as 1 entry in our prize drawing(s).

The more participants we have in our Produce Playoffs, the more prizes we will  give away!  So recruit your friends to play against you in the 2013 Skinny Gene Produce Playoffs.

So far,  UP FOR GRABS are….two (2) $25 Visa Gift Cards – 1 for the winner of the random drawing, 1 for the person who recruited them to the tournament.

Each entry counts as one chance to win.  US Only!  Winner will be announced April 9th. Winner will be chosen AT RANDOM by


(Click on the links below to pick your produce in the head-to-head matchups or to see the results)

DAY 1 : PEARS vs, ASPARAGUS  – voting is closed. Winner…ASPARAGUS!! See how they pulled it off!




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