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My Quest to Find a New Relationship (via Odds Against Me)

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Odds Against Me is for real.  She’s honest, hilarious, and super serious about improving her health.  I think it is safe to say that we can all relate to the ups and downs that come with each and every attempt of weight loss.   Dee has started her journey to better health and is letting us follow her down this cross-country trip.   I think we will get to accompany her through the absolute highs of weight loss, I am thinking possibly equivalent to Disneyland and the inevitable lows, which I am sad to say is probably somewhere in the middle of Kansas.    I admire Dee for putting this experience out there for us to read.  And hopefully we can join her in this journey to better health.

It’s not what you think…I am not highlighting this blog because Dee has chosen yours truly to help guide her through the overwhelming world of weight loss, but because we are bombarded with nutrition misinformation and sabotage on a daily basis.  Maybe we can all come together to provide support for each other and walk side by side on this winding road….to Disneyland!

 Enjoy this blog! 

my quest to find a new relationship So, as I mentioned before, the plan was to start working with a dietitian.  Now, it is official…I have started a program that will teach me how my body uses food as well as gives me a solid understanding of how to make healthier choices.  As you know, my mission is to lose weight, but this time I’m looking for a real lifestyle change with long-term implications. I’ve failed many times before with gimmicks, pills, and offers like “read this book … Read More

via Odds Against Me

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