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Small Goals…Big Progress (via Odds Against Me)

Motivation, motivation, motivation!  When you are on the weight loss wagon, motivation is your fuel!  What better way to celebrate each of your milestones, other than a present to yourself!!  Let’s face it weight loss is hard (no kidding right?!) When people start noticing your weight loss that’s a huge pat on the back, but lets not forget to celebrate the small successes!  Here is an amazing blog of Odds Against Me’s plan to celebrate each and every success she achieves.  I encourage each of you to set achievable goals and plan your celebrations of each milestone you achieve to better health!!   

Can’t wait to see you caring that Prada bag Dee!!

small goals...big progress So a few weeks ago I mentioned  that I wanted to set weight loss goals for each milestone I reach. So I’ve been thinking about what constitutes a milestone?  Webster defines a milestone as a significant point in development.  I’d argue that every pound would be a positive step in my journey towards health, but sadly while I do love a good treat, I really want to make sure I do something special for those significant moments, while really celebrate … Read More

via Odds Against Me

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