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My Skinny Gene Story: Taking Control of ME

Lisa B. has been a part of our Skinny Gene Family for almost 5 months. She would like to share her Skinny Gene Story, and how she was able to free herself from her food addiction, regain control, and ultimately begin to  love and respect the person within.

We are very proud of Lisa. If you are too, please leave an encouraging comment for her below.

Lisa’s Story

I did not wake up one morning only to discover I was overweight, I had known it for a long time.  It happened so gradually that I didn’t even realize it was happening until it was too late.  I felt no longer in control, not only of my weight, but my life, food controls me I didn’t know how to stop it, do I want to stop it ?  My eating had become a part of me, part of who I was, could I change?  Food was once a friend, comforter, de-stresser, but it had evolved into my biggest enemy, it had become the stress.  How do I change something that  has become such a part of my life ?

The “old me”

I remember the day I found the Skinny Gene Project on the computer, I was searching for a solution to a problem that I was not sure could be fixed.  Obesity is a problem that fills one’s soul with self-doubt, and the ability to see a way out of the cycle that wants to suck you farther and farther away from a solution.  But somewhere inside I was desperate to reach out to someone, anyone that might know or understand the desperation that I lived with everyday, I needed to share and reach out to someone that might keep me from falling farther into the deep abyss of failing myself, and everyone that loved me.

You see that fear of failure is what keeps you in the neverending addiction to food.  I was an addict !

At first I used the food for comfort, celebration and any excuse I could use to get the “High” that I felt when I ate food that I loved.  But, as time went on, and pounds, the food I craved, I craved to calm the fears and hurt that I felt because of the things I ate.  I know it doesn’t make sense to everyone, only the people that have my addiction. But, could I risk allowing someone to know my fears of another failure?  Because if you don’t try, than you don’t fail.

I had tried hundreds of diets, lost the same 30 pounds over and over, only to end up gaining more weight and being heavier than when I started.  Left with feelings of deep guilt for failing myself and those that loved me, and lack of self “CONTROL“. Not that I realized it at that moment, but that was the root of everything ” CONTROL“.

Being overweight you learn to make jokes about yourself, comments about your weight, and every excuse you can think of to deflect the hurt and anger I felt towards myself.  Was I worth saving?  Was I worth the effort?  Would the Skinny Gene Project even want to help me?

I had not realized how sad, insecure, and betrayed I was by what my body had become, but inside I wanted to try again. I really doubted that anyone would even contact me, they didn’t know me, why would they help me when I was no longer even able to help myself ?  I received an email from someone telling me that a dietitian would contact me for an evaluation in a few days.  My past experience had taught me that the phone call was going to be one of dread, blame, more self-doubt, and more shame.  The 253 pounds on my body was what defined me, that was the only thing most people saw, that was the only thing that I could see when I looked at myself.

When Nancy Juarez called and spoke with me there was no shame, no finger pointing, no blame, just compassion for me and what I had become.  She listened to me, not just about what I ate or didn’t eat, she listened to what I was saying, but more importantly heard all the things that I would not allow myself to tell anyone, she knew.  She listened to me with such compassion, such a caring spirit that I wanted to share more and more about what I wanted to become instead of just focusing on what my body was.  I was so excited when she wanted to help me, soon I began to feel some empowerment over myself.  She believed in me when I was not yet able to believe in myself.

I started the program on July 4th of this year.  It was truly Independence Day for me.  With Nancy’s help I decided to leave the past in the past, and we would begin the journey to a new me together.  If not for the Skinny Gene Project, and Nancy Juarez, I truly don’t know what I would be today.  Don’t think that I am finished in my journey by any means, but I am on my way to what I want my body to be.  Nancy has given me the tools and knowledge to make smart choices for myself.  But of the utmost importance she has given me back the control over myself, which is what I have been seeking for so long.

Nancy  Juarez may be a dietitian to most, but she is my LIFE-a-tician , because that is what she has done is give me the knowledge to take my life back.  She continues to work with me on making good choices of what to eat, but she helped me to find myself again.  I look forward to our weekly conversations of encouragement and empowerment. She has given me the courage and self-confidence to know that I will reach my goal.  Lord knows that I have not been the most perfect student, but when I falter there is no blame or guilt she just says ” Well let’s get back on track you know you can do it, and if you don’t know you can, I know you can.”  That has given me the ability to get back on track and move forward.

In Control of “ME” (11/29/2012)

I have lost 68 pounds so far and am continuing towards my goal.  Sometimes it is 2 steps forward and one step back, but I will continue to fight for what I want.  Nancy has been an important part of my losing weight, but she can’t do it for me. I have to do my part with eating right and exercise, but without Nancy and the Skinny Gene Project believing in me and reaching out, I know that I would have never been able to start, because I truly did not know how to help myself.

Supporting the Skinny Gene Project is very important because I know that there are many people out there that are just like I was.  Waiting for someone to reach out and provide a lifeline to someone who is lost in the chaos that is obesity.  By supporting the Skinny Gene Project you truly are providing people with a chance to start new and become the person that they want to be.  I will do my part by continuing to move forward towards my goal and perhaps I can help someone along the way by giving them hope and the will to try.  If it were not for the Skinny Gene Project and Nancy Juarez, I would still be lost and alone.

If I can help one person to know that they are not alone, that people do care and will help, than it is worth every minute of exercise and sacrifice that I have made to become someone that I respect, love, and empower.  ME.  I am worth it, I am a good person, I am not alone and you don’t have to be either. You can do it, you are worthy, just believe in yourself.  I believe in you and so will Nancy.  I am happy because I am finally back in CONTROL of who I am.



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