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Power of 10


Quick!  What’s your first reaction to these 3 words…Just 10 pounds?

It’s interesting. These 3 words can evoke a different response from different people depending on their past experiences and how they view their future. 

Discouraged: A person who has 50 or more pounds to lose might not be able to see the significance in losing 10 pounds, and is instead discouraged by the idea that “it’s just 10 pounds” and there’s so much more to go. 

Hopeful: A mother, who recently had a baby and is anxious to get back into her favorite pair of jeans, might feel as though losing just 10 pounds is the difference between what “is” and what ”could be”.    

Disconnected: For a person who has tried countless times to lose weight, failed, and finally gave up. Just 10 pounds may feel out of reach. To them, there is an inherent contradiction in the words “just” and “10 pounds”, since “just” implies that something is easy, and for them losing 10 pounds (for good) is anything but that.

Regardless of whether the idea of losing weight is led by anxiety or optimism, we want you to know that “Just 10 Pounds” should ALWAYS be associated with 3 equally simple words – “A BIG DEAL”.

Whether losing 10 pounds is a part of the journey or the goal, ONE thing is undeniable…

Just 10 pounds is empowering; it can become life changing.

With just 10 pounds, comes confidence and optimism, and of course – prevention.

Yes, with 10 pounds you may see a difference in your clothes (maybe even drop a dress size), but the most important benefits are those that aren’t as visibly noticeable.

Did you know that losing Just 10 Pounds might drastically improve or prevent the further development of these 10 serious health problems?

  1. type 2 diabetes
  2. stroke
  3. coronary heart disease
  4. metabolic syndrome
  5. certain types of cancer
  6. sleep apnea
  7. osteoarthritis
  8. gallbladder disease
  9. fatty liver disease
  10. pregnancy complications

 Remember, it all begins with “Just 10”.

We’re all unique, and the things that make us different also influence the impact weight loss can have on our health. If you would like to learn how 10 pounds can make a difference in your life, we’d like the chance to talk to you.

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