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THE WINNER: Eggplant vs Beets

The winner of the second Produce Playoff, head-to-head matchup is….





The beets beat out the eggplants team with the phenomenal play of the phytonutrients and antioxidants, just too much for the low calorie eggplants to handle!

Once again, the fans support was heavily lopsided.  By the looks of  it, 71% of the fans in attendance were cheering for Beets, while only 29%  were rooting for the Eggplants.



Our FanCam spotted these Standout Supporters!

“Give me “B”…give me an “E”…give me another “E”….give me a “T”….what’s that spell? BEET…go Beets!”

“Anything that can be used to dye easter eggs gets my vote…so yummy beats it is!”

“Beets are the best!!!”

“Can’t give love to the beets so the more versatile, tastier eggplant gets my vote!”

“Down with the beets!”

“I am Russian, must I say more? I love eggplants but feel that they ways need too much oil to cook, while beets just good as they come!”


These fans, and all the other participants who voted for their favorite team in the Eggplant vs Beet head-to-head matchup, were entered into our favorite fan drawing for a Visa gift card.


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