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The Winner: Zucchini vs Sweet Potato

The winner of the third Produce Playoff, head-to-head matchup is….




Here’s how the Sweet Potatoes swept the Zucchinis..

The Sweet Potatoes – the Vitamin A powerhouse was just too much for the out of season zucchini.  Vitamin A had an outstanding game providing 438% of the daily value.  Lights out for Houdini!

Once again, the fan support swayed the game.  By the looks of  it, 75% of the fans in attendance were cheering for the Sweet Potatoes, while only 25%  were rooting for the Zucchinis.



Our FanCam spotted these Standout Supporters!

“How can you go wrong with sweet potatoes! Their current popularity alone gives them the fan base needed to defeat zucchini.”

“Sweat potato baby!!!! Yummy and so ver versatile l!!! The best!”

“While I think Sweet Potato will get the W, I’d like to root (no pun intended) for the Zucchini as it’s a personal favorite. Gooooooo Zucchini!”

This was the battle royale…in the end…sweet potatoes…gotta love a vegetable that can be dinner or dessert!!!”

“Easy peasy (I hope)…sweet potatoes rock!!”


These fans, and all the other participants who voted for their favorite team in the Zucchini vs Sweet Potato head-to-head matchup, were entered into our favorite fan drawing for a Visa gift card.


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