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The Winner: Oranges vs Brussels Sprouts

The winner of the forth Produce Playoff, head-to-head matchup, Orange vs Brussels Sprout,  is….





Here’s how the Outrageous Oranges outplayed  the Banging Brussels Sprouts..

Unfortunately the Brussels Sprouts had a tough day, they were over cooked, lowering the amounts of their star nutrients allowing the quick attack of the oranges to dominate.  Oranges came through with a strong immune system, GI tract, and heart, while lowering risk of diabetes and cancer.

Once again, the fan support swayed the game.  By the looks of  it, 67% of the fans in attendance were cheering for the Oranges while only 33%  were rooting for the Brussels Sprouts.



Our FanCam spotted these Standout Supporters!

“Mmm. Brussels sprouts. Delicious steamed or roasted…”

“Go Sprouts!”

“Most definitely orange, orange everything!”

“Oranges! Again, I’m going with color!

“Come on… How can you go against the orange?!!!”


These fans, and all the other participants who voted for their favorite team in the Oranges vs Brussels Sprouts head-to-head matchup, were entered into our favorite fan drawing for a Visa gift card.


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