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Produce Playoffs: Oranges vs Brussels Sprouts

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March Madness brings out the best of the best teams to compete in head-to-head matchups on the basketball court!  In honor of the march mayhem, Skinny Gene presents the Produce Playoffs!  Just like the big dance, anything can happen on any given day as these super foods go head-to-head!  Whatever the outcome, all of these foods are winners!



DAY 4 MATCHUP: Outrageous Oranges vs Banging Brussels Sprouts

(voting from April 3rd – April 8th @ Midnight PST)


The next produce playoff is the Outrageous Oranges versus the Banging Brussels Sprouts.  Both of these teams are peaking at the right time for the playoffs.  This is sure to be a match up of the most potent antioxidant players.  Here is the game day breakdown for the two teams:



Season: Phenomenal season, December through April.

Star players:  Vitamin C, Fiber, Phytonutrients 

On the benchthiamin, folate, Vitamin A, potassium, calcium

Offense:  The offense attack of the oranges relies on the fast break, wash, peel, and eat!  Oranges also can play a sweet role in a spinach or fruit salad.   

Defense:  The oranges ‘go to’ star player is Vitamin C, providing immune defense and cancer reduction.   Fiber plays an important role regulating blood sugars and the bowels.  You will want to keep an eye out for the phytonutrients which can protect the heart function, lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation.





Brussels Sprouts



Season: Long season from December to June. 

Star players: Vitamins K and C, fiber

On the bench: Vitamin A and E

OffenseBrussels Sprouts are best steamed for about 5 minutes, over cooking decreases their nutritional value.  Try roasting Brussels Sprouts to enhance the flavor.

Defense: The defense antioxidant trio of Vitamins C, A, and E decrease inflammation and reduce risks of cancer.  Fiber provides 4 grams per cup, sure to help defend against cholesterol and constipation.



This was an awesome matchup. Both teams played hard, but there could only be 1 winner. And  it was…. CLICK TO SEE THE ANSWER! :)

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