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The Winner: Pear vs. Asparagus Matchup

The winner of the first Produce Playoff, head-to-head matchup is….





Great match up, but the antioxidant level and vitamin play of the Asparagus team dominated the Pears.  Fiber played great defense for both teams limiting spikes in blood sugars and keeping the hearts healthy!

Gotta say, the Asparagus fans really showed up for this one!  By the looks of  it, 76% of the fans in attendance were cheering for Asparagus, while only 24%  were rooting for the Pears.

Oh well, Pears; better luck next year!


Our FanCam spotted these Standout Supporters!

Pears will edge them out because their wide bodies and multi-use skills trump the bland, one-trick pony asparagus.” -Carroll

Pear, you know I love you (especially Bartletts)….but I had to choose Asparagus even though it makes my pee stink. Go Big Green!“- Katie

Asparagus for sure! All that green! And, anything that cleans me out enough to make my pee smell funny must be good for me, right!?!“- Christina


These fans, and all the other participants who voted for their favorite team in the Pears vs Asparagus head-to-head matchup, were entered into our favorite fan drawing for a Visa gift card.




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