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Through A Mother’s Eyes

Every Mother’s Day seems to bring with it a little more perspective.  

As a mother of a fun and feisty 3-yr old daughter (named Nyiah), I might even venture to say that my perspective on motherhood changes daily.  What my child learns from me, what I learn from my child, what I learn from others- it’s like a constant graduation through life.  

During the last 30 days, I have had the opportunity to experience multiple aspects of motherhood from other mothers’ eyes.  I found that when a mother protects, inspires, and honors her children, she also impacts everyone around her.

Protect– On April 14th, we launched a 12-month Skinny Gene Diabetes Prevention Program in San Antonio, TX.  We have the honor and privilege of working with these beautiful mothers over the next year. Each woman has a strong commitment to family (and community) and the determination to give her kids a chance to live a healthy, diabetes-free life. (Read More)

Inspire– In the last 30 days I also found Mary (Fit Factor Kids) who is fighting childhood obesity and inspiring children to take the steps towards living an active life. In addition to her kids fitness videos, she launched a walking challenge, “Walk the Tworld” (T stands for Twitter) to encourage families to walk 100 million step in the month of May.  I thought this was awesome, so I wanted to help… (Read More)

Love and Honor: Last month, I took the opportunity to walk in the San Diego March of Babies, in honor of Henry- a precious little boy who knew his mother’s love, although he was never given the chance to see her face.  

With Team Henry walking in Chicago, I thought I’d arrive in San Diego’s Balboa Park and be the sole representative for Team Henry. Boy was I wrong! The thousands of participants weren’t just walking in honor of their “miracles” and “angels”,  but for all babies and children- even our beloved Henry.

As I walked, I was reminded of a few important things that day:  

No matter what the situation is…when you have support, you are never alone.


There is no strength like the strength of a mother, and there is no love like a mother’s love.

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