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Last month we celebrated the official beginning of Spring, but it appears that all around the country Mother Nature wasn’t necessarily in agreement. A quick trip to a chilly San Francisco had me asking the question echoed in many snow covered states, “Isn’t it supposed to be spring?” That’s when it hit me.

Spring is not only a season; it’s a frame of mind.

Ah, the first touch of sun against our skin; it’s more

By JAGwired

than the long-awaited return of warm weather. It’s a gentle reminder to get our affairs in order. It’s that little thing people call Spring Cleaning.

Being the “domestically challenged” individual that I am, I have never really liked this term. I can, however, appreciate the meaning; the opportunity to turn something that “is” into what you “want it to be”- a new beginning, a rebirth, an opportunity for change.

While you’re removing the dust and cobwebs, and putting away the old sweaters, don’t forget about giving a little extra TLC to the most important room in the house- the kitchen.

Great food may be the way to your family’s heart, but a healthy kitchen is the pulse.

So imagine you are staring at a closet full of outdated clothes, open those pantry and refrigerator doors and start tossing out what you don’t need. A healthy home is what’s in this season, and with any luck, it’s here to stay.

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