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What’s Your Diet IQ

We saw the following Diet IQ quiz and thought we’d share it with you.  It’s important that foods have a function, other than simply satisfying our appetites or cravings. 

This quiz tests your ability to identify the health benefits of 5 common foods.  Simply make your selections, then scroll down to see the answers below. Good luck!

By Nancy Gottesman

Oprah, October 2011

Photo from Oprah, October 2011 article

Test how well you know the rich health benefits of the foods you eat.

In the past year, scientists have uncovered some fascinating secret perks of everyday fare—from food that can reduce cholesterol to a snack that can ward off the blues. Take this quiz to find out if your nutritional smarts are up-to-date. And keep your grocery list handy; we predict you’ll be adding a few more items to your shopping cart.




For protection from osteoarthritis, go heavy on the…


To lower your cholesterol, you should eat…


If you want a glowing complexion, enjoy more…


To better handle stress, make a habit of consuming more…


To lower your risk for depression, your best option is to munch on…



 Question 1: For protection from osteoarthritis, go heavy on the…

Answer: Garlic.
When British researchers looked at the dietary habits and hip X-rays of 654 female twins, they discovered that those who ate the most foods from the onion family—including garlic, shallots, chives, and leeks—were less likely to develop osteoarthritis of the hip. Consuming at least three cloves of garlic a week provided the strongest protective effect. Substances found in these types of plants may block the enzymes that break down joint cartilage.

Question 2: To lower your cholesterol, you should eat…

Answer: Dried apples.
According to research funded by the USDA, women who ate 2.6 ounces of dried apples—the equivalent of about ten slices—every day for six months reduced their LDL cholesterol by 23 percent. As a bonus, they lost an average of 3.3 pounds. The study authors speculate that pectin, a soluble fiber found in apples, is largely responsible for both benefits: Pectin binds with cholesterol in the intestine to prevent its absorption into the body, and its satiating effect makes you feel more full.

Question 3: If you want a glowing complexion, enjoy more…

Answer: Apricots.
In May British scientists reported that people who ate fruits and vegetables with yellow, red, and orange pigments (think apricots, tomatoes, and mangoes) every day developed a healthy, “golden” glow. The pigments, called carotenoids, are deposited in body fat and absorbed into skin cells. When the researchers asked study subjects to adjust the coloring of photographed faces to make them look healthy, the subjects favored carotenoid shades over suntanned skin.

Question 4: To better handle stress, make a habit of consuming more…

Answer: Walnuts.
Walnuts are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which seem to help the body cope under pressure. In a Penn State University study, subjects underwent two types of stress tests—one in which they submerged a foot in ice water, and one in which they had to prepare a three-minute speech in two minutes and then deliver it in front of a camera. The participants exhibited significantly lower blood pressure during both exercises when they took the tests after eating 1.3 ounces of walnuts and a tablespoon of walnut oil daily for six weeks.

Question 5: To lower your risk for depression, your best option is to munch on…

Answer: Air-popped popcorn drizzled with olive oil.
A Spanish study examined the diets of more than 12,000 people and found that those who consumed the highest amount of healthy fats (meaning polyunsaturated and monounsaturated)—such as olive oil—experienced a lower incidence of depression. In contrast, the subjects who ate the most trans fats (found in some fast foods) were 48 percent more likely to suffer from the blues; these “bad” fats are thought to interfere with neurotransmitters, upsetting the brain’s natural chemical balance.

So, how did you do? 

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