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10 Healthy Snacks for Super Busy Moms

By Eileen Ferrer, Skinny Gene Nutritionist

We all have those days when we feel like there is not enough time in the day to fit in everything.  For all the very active supermoms out there, busy seems like an understatement.  The days can be filled with taking the kids to school, going to work and/or school, picking the kids up from school, making sure they get to their after school activity on time, helping with homework, preparing a meal, and the list goes on and on.  So when in the day can a break be penciled in?  Another important question to ask is where do moms find the energy?

Though you don’t need to stop everything to fit in a break, you do need to refuel with something to eat to sustain energy throughout the day.  Eating snacks are the perfect way to provide energy in between meals. There are some quick, handy snacks that are not time-consuming in preparation and can be eaten on-the-go.


Healthy snacks


Here are 10 super simple healthy snacks for busy moms:


1)      Fruits and veggies.  Apples, bananas, baby carrots, celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, or any of your favorites that are in season.  You can slice and dice different fruits and vegetables, and store them in individual sandwich bags the evening before or on a weekend.  Another option is to get pre-packaged fruits and veggies. They can be eaten fresh, frozen, dried or from a can or cup (just beware of added sugar!).

2)      Consider some dairy.  Take along with you non- or low-fat yogurt, cottage or individually wrapped string cheese for your protein fix.

3)      Be nutty.  Nuts are another protein source that can be kept in your car or purse.  Take a handful of your favorite nut choice, such as unsalted almonds, pistachios, walnuts, peanuts, or a mixed variety.

4)      Get some whole grains.  Try 100% whole grain granola bars that are low in added sugars or low sodium, trans-fat free whole grain crackers.  Lastly, my personal favorite, avocado spread on top of whole grain toast.

5)      Trail mix.  A mixture of nuts, seeds, and naturally dried fruit like raisins or dried berries.

6)      Edamame.  These are pods of deliciousness.  Add a dash of sea salt for an alternative protein snack.

7)      Blend it up.  It’s the perfect time for a smoothie.  It’s refreshing, especially with the days heating up.  Blueberries, spinach, chia seeds, low-fat plain yogurt, fresh squeezed orange juice is one of my favorite mixes.

8)      Deli meats.  Choose low-sodium deli meats, such as turkey or ham and wrap it around apple slices for a sweet and savory snack.

9)      Rice cakes.  Way better than a cake, in my opinion of course.  Eat them by themselves or top them with peanut butter and honey or hummus and fresh veggies.

10)   Hard boiled eggs.  A complete protein.  Save some time by popping them into boiling water as you prep your fruits and veggies.

These 10 quick, easy snacks are great for moms with a busy schedule.  These are just helpful ideas for quick snacks, but it also allows room for creativity to help maximize the ingredients you already have. Just remember, not only are these snacks healthy and easy to prepare, they provide energy throughout the day.

Happy snacking!

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