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Diabetes Awareness Month: Who’s Making A Difference

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, but there are several companies (other than Skinny Gene Project) that work  hard to create awareness about diabetes all year round.  This year, we would like to recognize an organization that embodies hope and shares our aspiration to change how people see diabetes. 

Today, on their 1 year birthday, we want to THANK BLUE HEEL SOCIETY for all that you do for our diabetes community!



By: T.R. Moore, CCO


The Blue Heel Society was launched on the premise that anyone, anyone at all, could effectively advocate for diabetes given the right “platform”.  All it takes is a wearing a blue pair of shoes, whether heels, boots, flops, or sneakers.


Our logo is the combination of the IDF Blue Circle, and a high heel shoe.  The symbol was created to demonstrate how people who live with, love, or care for anyone with diabetes, regardless of the type, are fabulous, and while that shoe is beautiful and stylish, it can often be challenging, actually downright hard to walk around in it all day…everyday. No matter who you are, old or new, type 1 or type 2…you can rock a blue shoe. In everyday scenarios, in advocacy proper or hosting a dinner club for your local community….we wear the blue shoes to change how people see diabetes.


Today is our first birthday and wow, what a year it has been….with the likes of a rockstar pediatric endocrinologist blogging for us, a reggae music legend’s celebrity chef nephew collaborating his efforts with our loyal followers, and having a rising NASCAR superstar blogging about wearing his blue shoes, demonstrating just how vast a population of people really just understand how easy and effective this advocacy campaign really is.


We launched our most important pieces of advocacy work yet recently. Our Luminary program. We turn the advocacy over to you….the individual and support people, who do it *their* way, bringing the Message & Mission of the Blue Heel Society to local Community’s in true grassroots style.

Please visit their website or facebook page for more information about the Blue Heel Society.

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