Best Defense Against Cellulite

It happens to the best of us. It’s those not so firm, not so attractive areas you find yourself staring at in the mirror on your backside, legs and stomach. If you’re guilty of critiquing your body, which we all do, just know when it comes to cellulite…, you’re not alone.  Cellulite is the uneven […]

Unlikely Causes of Summertime Weight Gain

When I was in my mid twenties, I always looked forward to what I referred to as my summertime shed– that magical time of year that I could just walk outside and the Chicago sun would melt away my pesky, leftover winter pounds. Unfortunately, once I hit my thirties the sun lost its slimming powers […]

Water Filled Summer

Summer barbeques, fun-filled days at the theme park, and afternoons at the pool or beach, all sound like a fantastic time with family and friends.  With all of the sun, heat, and hoopla, we may forget one extremely important detail.  Sunblock? Yes, but actually another essential detail of summer fun!  Water!  Water!  Water!  When looking […]

Loose a little, Gain a lot

Have you ever thought about how it might feel if you won the lottery? That amazing sense of knowing you can do or get anything you want? Well, having the opportunity to be a part of this transition gives me that feeling each time I meet with these 15 inspiring individuals.  Being involved in their […]

Getting Rid of the Jiggle Around Your Middle

By Emily Barr, MS,RD,CNSC Whether you have a little extra around the middle, a muffin top, a little baby fat, a spare tire, love handles, or a beer belly, you need to know you are at risk! Some of these terms of endearment, or some not so glamorous terms for extra weight around the waistline, […]

Small Goals…Big Progress (via Odds Against Me)

Motivation, motivation, motivation!  When you are on the weight loss wagon, motivation is your fuel!  What better way to celebrate each of your milestones, other than a present to yourself!!  Let’s face it weight loss is hard (no kidding right?!) When people start noticing your weight loss that’s a huge pat on the back, but […]

My Quest to Find a New Relationship (via Odds Against Me)

Here is a post we thought you would like!  Odds Against Me is for real.  She’s honest, hilarious, and super serious about improving her health.  I think it is safe to say that we can all relate to the ups and downs that come with each and every attempt of weight loss.   Dee has started […]

Your Body’s Talking, Are You Listening?

For us at the Skinny Gene Program, each person is special to us and we understand everyone has special needs. We pride ourselves in getting to know each person individually, giving them specific individual attention. This is done order to attain the best results; whether if you are a stay at home mom, or a successful businesswoman. The way that we help each person live a better life, is by taking each person’s body needs and trying teach them a better way of life, SLOWLY BUT SURELY!

Surviving Your Summer Vacation & Staycation

My concern is that while the summer can be filled with endless opportunities to get out and enjoy life, it can also be packed with dangerous and common pitfalls that cause your summer vacation or staycation to end on a not so sunny note.

Why Mother’s Day should be the entire month of May

Ok, I know Mother’s Day has come and gone, but does the praise and appreciation really have to end?? Honestly, I feel like a day of gratitude isn’t enough (especially if Hallmark has coerced someone into it). Afterall,  being a mom can be a 24/7, 365 day, up at 6, down at 9 (if you’re lucky),  no-sick day, […]

Value Menu- Eat Now, Pay Later

 The McDonald’s Dollar Menu, El Pollo Loco’s Loco Value Menu, Taco Bell’s Why Pay More value menu and  the Wendy’s Super Value Menu are all great for our pocketbooks, but what about our waist lines?  When it comes to eating out, everyone would like a deal, but after reviewing the $1 menus at several fast food restaurants, […]

Great Things Happening For Skinny Gene In TX

The Skinny Gene Project has launched an intensive 12-month diabetes prevention program in two South Texas clinics, owned and operated by Methodist Healthcare Ministries.

Through A Mother’s Eyes

Every Mother’s Day seems to bring with it a little more perspective.   As a mother of a fun and feisty 3-yr old daughter (named Nyiah), I might even venture to say that my perspective on motherhood changes daily.  What my child learns from me, what I learn from my child, what I learn from […]

Different ages, different requirement to be healthy!

Each person is at a different phase in life, and requires his/her own special dietary attention. So how do you keep up the with balance nutrition for different age groups, and keep a healthy home? Good question. I’d say plant your family tree and watch it grow! That is with the right nutrition!

Kids in the Kitchen

We love participating in the annual Junior League Kids in the Kitchen Event! Kids in the Kitchen is an annual event designed to address the urgent issues surrounding childhood obesity and poor nutrition by getting children and their parents excited about leading a healthy lifestyle through interactive, hands-on activities. It was such a joy to […]

Good Food, Good Health- St. Patrick’s Day Dishes

Do you want to enjoy the food and festivities but are afraid of packin’ on a few extra celebratory pounds?

Try these healthier versions of these St. Patrick’s Day traditional dishes.


Green foods are all-around amazing additions to your diet.  Did you know most of them are associated with lowering your risk of cancer, some help reduce aging, most have low glycemic index values which are associated with better blood sugar control, and they are found to protect your heart?  The positive qualities of greens are […]

Show Your Heart Some LOVE!!

We, the Skinny Gene Project, want to help you improve the health of your heart! A recent study shows that having prediabetes more than doubles your risk of death due to a heart attack, so love your heart. In honor of American Heart Month, we are sharing 28 things you should do to improve the health of your heart.